10 unusual Android launchers that change your smartphone beyond recognition

The Android OS is easily customizable. For this, there are a huge number of applications, including launchers. Usually, users prefer the standard pure Android-style launchers like Nova Launcher or Lawnchair. Still, there are plenty of weird and weird but interesting alternatives that we will look at today.

Indestructible Launcher 1.16 beta 6

Android 4.1 and higher

This launcher is a simple, minimalistic set of clickable lines. On the main screen in the middle, there are programs that the user can place or delete at will, and on top, there is various information. A gesture to the left of the right edge opens the menu of all applications, where you can navigate alphabetically or through the search. A long hold on the left edge of the main screen opens the settings menu, where you can disable or enable certain interface elements.

Computer Launcher 10.10

Android 4.1 and higher

Computer Launcher simulates the appearance of the Windows 10 operating system, as indicated by the status bar at the bottom, the presence of the This PC folder (built-in file manager), and the Start menu. All applications are available. By default, there is a clock, a search widget, and a list of applications that can be edited on the home screen. By pressing the button in the lower right corner, the switches for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other parameters are available.

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AIO Launcher is also very minimalistic, but at the same time, there are a huge number of sections with different information or possible actions available. You can open a search for applications or various information on the Internet in the lower right corner. A swipe to the right from the left edge opens the list of applications, where you can navigate alphabetically. The launcher is configured by moving the sections to the right, after which the panel for moving the section and its settings opens.

Ratio Launcher 4.3.1

Android 8.1 and above

The launcher is made in gray tones, including the application icons also have such a color filter. On the home screen, you can create or delete folders that host applications. The entire list of applications is accessed through the “App Box” folder. At the bottom of the launcher, there is a search for applications and a button to customize the home screen and its launcher. The first three items are responsible for the theme of the main screen, the fourth allows you to create a folder, and the fifth provides access to the settings.

AP15 Launcher 2.19

Android 4.0 and up

In my opinion, ap15 ​​is the prettiest of the minimalistic launchers. There is nothing superfluous in it, except for the list of applications on the home screen, presented in the form of something like bubbles of different sizes. The size itself adjusts automatically, depending on how often you use the application.

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Linux CLI Launcher APK 6.15

Android 4.0 and up

As you might have guessed, this launcher mimics the Linux terminal command line. To find the application you need, you need to enter its name in the line below, after which it will be displayed at the bottom, and you can start it. After launch, the application remains in the bottom panel so that the user can quickly launch it. At the top of the launcher, various information is displayed, for example, the amount of free RAM. The rest of the possibilities (setting up the launcher and its themes) are available through the commands, a list of which can be obtained by entering “help.”

Wide Launcher – 3x wider home screen 1.6.40 APK

Android 6.0 and above

Of all the ones presented, this launcher is the most similar to the usual one. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that custom tiles serve as wallpaper here. By default, they are replaced by pictures, a calendar, a clock, and a list of frequently launched applications. In other words, tiles are like widgets. Otherwise, everything here is extremely similar to a regular launcher – you can configure a grid of applications on the main screen, and a list of all of them opens with a swipe up. Similar to POCO Launcher, there are various categories and settings available in the app list.

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No Launcher 1.0.9

Android 3.0 and higher

The lightest launcher of the presented, as, as the name suggests, there is almost nothing in it. Unlike ap15, the launcher does not have a beautiful shell, but it displays icons. The main screen is a simple list of applications that can navigate through them using a search. You can uninstall apps by holding your finger on one of them for a long time.

Lens Launcher 2.4.0

Android 4.0.3 and above

This launcher has nothing but a grid of applications in which you can navigate by pinching your finger and moving it around it. This action is accompanied by nice animations that help you navigate the huge list of applications.

Niagara Launcher 1.1.3

Android 5.0 and up

Niagara Launcher is essentially a simple app list with easy alphabet navigation. During the initial setup, you are prompted to select favorite applications, the list of which will open by default. There is a clock widget on the main screen at the top. Navigation through the list of applications is available on the right. If you go to a specific letter and release your finger, the entire list will open.

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