15 mobile games to train your brain

In the 21st century, one of the most important qualities of a person is his versatile knowledge and the ability to think logically and quickly make decisions that modern society requires of him. The key to effective brain work is its regular training, such as attending classes in various educational institutions, studying scientific articles on the Internet, solving puzzles on your phone, and even thinking about the way from home to the store – will help your brain to strain and think a little. In this collection, I have collected applications that will help a little “pump” different sides of your thinking, and in the second part of it, you can find games that offer multiplayer modes.

Single games – with yourself or against the bot


Sudoku is a puzzle classic. An exciting game where you have to think, especially at high difficulty levels. The game itself is quite easy to learn, and even a child can handle it. So, you need to achieve on the playing field such a set of numbers from 1 to 9 so that in the nine small squares into which the large square is divided, they do not repeat the same way as they do not repeat vertically horizontally. Easybrain’s Sudoku stands out from the vast majority of its competitors with its minimalistic, pleasant interface, daily tasks, statistics of your games, as well as six different difficulty levels.

πŸ“² Download Sudoku in Google play.


Lumosity is a well-designed collection of puzzles to train various thought processes such as memory, attentiveness, and quick decision-making. All games are divided into 7 categories:

  1. “Speed” trains the reaction and the speed of decisions;
  2. “Memory” tests your ability to memorize various information for strength quickly;
  3. “Attention” will shower you with tasks where you will need to monitor certain processes and not miss anything;
  4. “Flexibility” tests how your brain reacts to a constant change in the subject of focus;
  5. β€œProblem-solving,” as you might guess, will throw you various interesting problems to solve;
  6. β€œLanguage” is more suitable if you already know enough English and want to expand your vocabulary;
  7. “Math,” accordingly, will test how well you did in school.

Also, so that you do not forget to train, Lumosity will offer to create days when it will send you notifications with a proposal to complete a couple of tasks. According to the developer, all puzzles were developed in collaboration with more than 40 researchers from universities worldwide. The only caveat of the app is the fact that it is entirely in English. However, the intuitive interface and the obvious purpose of each puzzle negates this problem

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πŸ“² Download Lumosity in Google play.


A very well-designed collection of many seemingly easy tasks. However, when solving them, it turns out that everything is not as simple as it seems. An important feature of NeuroNation is detailed statistics compiled for your problem solutions. The developer notes that his app positively affects brain development, which is confirmed by recent research from the Free University of Berlin.

πŸ“² Download NeuroNation in Google play.

1010! color

1010! color is an excellent puzzle game that does not rush you with timers or “urgent tasks,” you are free to think about the gameplay as much as you see fit. The task is to collect as many points as possible by placing figures consisting of many multi-colored squares on the playing field. So, when you combine 3 or more squares of the same color, they will disappear and bring you several points in the total score. The game develops an important feature of our brain – spatial perception and planning our actions.

πŸ“² Download 1010! color in Google play.


CogniFit is a large collection of logic games and problems. Tasks include games for logic and intelligence, memory development puzzles, puzzles, educational games, and so on. After each task, statistics of the solution of the same task by players worldwide are given. An interesting feature of the application is that you download the games you want to play without clogging your phone’s memory with unnecessary megabytes.

πŸ“² Download CogniFit in Google play.

Brain out

Brain Out is another collection of interesting logic puzzles, standing out from the rest with a very nice visual picture – the entire interface is depicted in a single drawn style. Each puzzle is a set of pictures and a text task for them, but do not forget that it does not always directly indicate a solution. The game can hardly be called very difficult, but you will have to use all the power of your logical thinking to solve some levels. It is this important function of our brain that this application strives to develop.

πŸ“² Download Brain Out in Google play.

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Fur. Box

The mechanical box is a classic puzzle quest. It is not for nothing that many games in the application store copy the style and some tasks from the “box.” Each level is a unique task that you need to think about since most of the levels will not be passed by “typing.” The only drawback of this game is that it has a limited number of levels, making no sense to replay since the decision does not change from passage to passage.

πŸ“² Download Fur. Box in Google play.

πŸ“² Download Fur. Box 2 in Google play.


MathRiddles is a collection of 100 unique math puzzles. It is worth noting that the first levels offer the most typical tasks of the “2 + 2 * 2” type, but by the 7th task, you will have to think because the difficulty increases with each new level. It is also important to understand that math puzzles are extremely positive for many of our brain’s abilities. According to the developer, solving such problems can involve both hemispheres of the brain, which may positively impact the efficiency of its work in the future.

πŸ“² Download MathRiddles in Google play.

Nonograms Katana

Nonograms Katana or Japanese crossword puzzles are very entertaining puzzles that came to us from Japan. The gameplay is a kind of mixture of Sudoku and a crossword puzzle, but instead of words, you have to guess the pictures. The playing field contains a certain drawing area and edges an area with numbers, each indicating how many cells on a line with this number need to be painted over. So, step by step, you will fill in the main field, and as a result, you will get a hidden picture. The complexity of the game increases with the increase in the “resolution” of the drawing. If this is not enough for you, then the developer can offer you additional levels where you need to paint over the cells and paint them, also following the numbers.

πŸ“² Download Nonograms Katana’s Google play.

Games against real players – over the Internet or on the same device


Minesweeper is a great classic puzzle game that needs no introduction. MinesweeperGo allows its users to compete with players worldwide to solve the famous “minefields” for speed. The program also has a system of records and provides the ability to view the statistics of your decisions.

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πŸ“² Download MinesweeperGo in Google play.

Dots online

The same game from our childhood, only instead of a notebook and a pen – your phone. The main feature of Dots Online is the ability to play with people from all over the world thanks to the multiplayer function. The game’s goal is to consistently paint over the opponent’s points, placing your points around them. The application is made in the style of skeuomorphism. So, the playing field resembles a sheet of paper, and the dots look like they have just been drawn with a pen.

πŸ“² Download Dots online at Google play.


Chess is a great game that originated in the distant VI century, a field of 64 cells and 32 pieces. The most popular “mobile” version of chess is the application from the site chess.com. It has an advanced system for adjusting the difficulty of bots for a single-player and a rating system, statistics, analysis of your game for errors in multiplayer. If you do not know how to play chess, the program can offer many lessons about different phases and styles of play. Chess can develop a huge number of your mental abilities, such as concentration, critical and abstract thinking, problem-solving, and so on.

πŸ“² Download Chess in Google play.


Scrabble is a classic linguistic game that resembles a crossword puzzle. The task is to compose a word from the proposed letters to intersect with the word compiled earlier horizontally or vertically. Scrabble from AK Games studio provides players with high-quality multiplayer, as well as a huge word bank. This game will allow you to enrich your vocabulary and β€œpump” your strategic skills and the speed of choosing the right words in a conversation. Like in Words from Words, you can see the dictionary definition of each of the words you have composed.

πŸ“² Download Scrabble at Google play.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is the most popular quiz game on Google Play. One game combines a huge number of questions on a variety of topics, from history to chemistry. It also boasts a large user base, so there will be no problems finding rivals. It is worth noting that Trivia Crack has many different events and features, such as “pumping” your pet, many different game modes, and daily challenges.

πŸ“² Download Trivia Crack in Google play.

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