16 Best Flac Player for Windows

In this article, we are going to learn about FLAC files and how to listen to them using FLAC PLAYERS on a Windows PC. We will take a look at the 16 best FLAC players available for Windows 10/8/7 and get to know their features. Read on to find out!

Before proceeding with the list of Best FLAC Players for Windows , let’s see what FLAC file format is. In case you are only interested in the list itself, feel free to skip this part directly.

What is the FLAC file format?

Audio files are available in two formats: lossy and lossless. As you may have already guessed, lossless audio sounds better. FLAC are the acronym for Free Lossless Audio Codec. FLAC is sharper, of course. Simply put, FLAC is a better music experience.

Best Flac Players for Windows

Your journey to incredible lossless music doesn’t end with the download of the file itself. You will also need a FLAC audio player to play those files on your computer. If you are using a Windows PC, this is the guide for you. Below is the list of the best FLAC music players for Windows.

1. Groove Music

Yes, you heard right. The pre-installed software for playing audio files in Windows, can actually play FLAC files. The built-in Groove Music application can play FLAC files. Many are still unaware of this.

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During its early days, Groove couldn’t even play a highly compressed file. But it has surely come a long way since then. Now the software is more than equipped to play almost any file format.

The interface looks fantastic. It is minimalist, easy to use, and very easy to use. And if you have the Groove Music Pass, you can store all your audio content on One-Drive and stream it on your device over the Internet. Not to mention, it’s absolutely free. It comes pre-installed on your Windows. All in all, Groove Music is an amazing music player software that can meet almost all your music needs.

2. Windows Media Player 12

Number two on our Best FLAC Players list is again pre-installed Windows software: Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player has been around since the dawn of Windows. And the old champion is still managing his weight among the new software available. Compared to newer softwares that have a modern feel, Windows Media Player surely looks a bit old. Based on your perspective, some might even call it obsolete. But no, my friend, this is where you go wrong. Sure it’s a bit old and rusty. But it does the job well.

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To listen to FLAC in Windows Media Player you may need to install a codec. But other than that, it’s free, easy to use, and pre-installed on your Windows computer.

3. VLC Media Player

Probably the most versatile and fan-favorite player, the VLC Media Player is third on our list. The biggest point in favor of VLC Media Player is its versatility. If there is a media format, the VLC Media Player will most likely be able to play it. Therefore, FLAC files are not a problem for VLC Media Player.

VLC also comes in two versions for Windows. The first is the Windows 10 Store version, designed for phones, PCs, tablets, and Xbox One. The other is the old-school desktop app we’re all familiar with.

Below are the links to download both versions of the VLC Media Player.

4. FOOBAR2000

Foobar2000 it is not a popular flac software for sure. But when it comes to playing FLAC files, the FOOBAR2000 works just as well as any other media player. In fact, the FOOBAR200 was moving forward with a Windows Store app to replace its current version of Win32. But due to the low user count, that project was terminated. But I ask you not to let this discourage you from using this beautiful software.

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Actually, FOOBAR2000 has several good points. After setting it up, you can adjust the interface to suit your taste. Besides FLAC, the FOOBAR2000 is also sufficient to play other formats. It has a built-in transcoder, full Unicode support, tagging, and seamless playback.

That’s it, these were the 4 best Flac music players. But wait, we have more.

List of Top 16 Free Flac Music Players

In addition to the top 4 listed players, there are many more audio player programs that can play the Flac Audio format. So here is a great list of all media players compatible with flac.

  1. Groove music
  2. Windows Media Player 12
  3. VLC media player
  4. Foobar2000
  5. Musicbee
  6. Dopamine
  7. Bread player
  8. GOM Media Player
  9. WinAmp
  10. MediaMonkey
  11. iTunes
  12. 5kPlayer
  13. Trout
  14. AIMP
  15. Jet Audio
  16. Pot Player

Well, to be honest, this list can go on and on. Almost all gamers can play Flac files these days. So you really don’t have to worry about it. Just choose the player based on other features that are more important.

Final take

So these were 16 free FLAC players available on Windows 10. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Comment below and tell us about your favorite FLAC media player! As always, we would love to hear from you.

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