17 Best Game Recording Software in 2020

There are a number of free and paid video game recording tools and software available on the Internet. It becomes really difficult to find the best game recording software for Windows. In this article, I will help you choose the best game recording software for Windows 10, 8 and 7.

But before we start with our list, let me list a few highlights to look for in game recording software.

  • Good recording software should support recording at up to 60fps.
  • It should be an intuitive and attractive interface and easy to use.
  • It should support multiple output formats

If that is. These basic requirements are what you need to verify. If you are a gamer or streamer, you may also need to look for some advanced features.

9 Best Game Recording Software

Our list contains free and paid recording software;

1. Wondershare Filmora Scrn

Cost: $ 30 lifetime license

The amazing screen recording tool Wondershare Filmora Scrn is the one that works great for gamers and those who need to create tutorials, product demos, reviews, and more. Wondershare Filmora recording software simultaneously records from your PC and webcam. Allows you to choose to record all or just your PC screen. It is a 2-in-1 software that allows you to not only record screen at up to 120fps, but also design videos such as adding annotations, text effects, callouts, and more.

2. D3DGear

Cost: $ 29.85 Lifetime License

D3DGear It is one of the best video game recording software that does not need any specific configuration. D3D Gear provides robust tools that are clear to use and can manage just about anything you want it to do. It records your games with the least impact on performance while presenting you with the essential tools and options to ensure your recordings are of high quality.

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D3DGear game recording software is the only game recording software that currently has games that use Vulkan API, Oculus Rift API, and Mantle API. It also has a built-in compression system that will compress all the videos recorded with it. D3DGear supports hardware GPU encoding (AMD / Intel / Nvidia) to remove stress from CPU when recording movie.

3. Action game recording software

Cost: $ 30 lifetime license

Action is one of the best game recording software that offers you all the features you need to produce high resolution 4k video of your game. It’s an attractive, automatic user interface, compelling recording tools, and excellent support tame any shortcomings. It also has remote access highlighting that will allow you to manage your PC with your smartphone. It uses GPUs to stimulate recordings and put less load on the CPU.

4. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Cost: completely free

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) it’s a software Free open source featured with various customization options. OBS has a fairly simplistic interface with all the messages placed in front of you. You are not asked to modify any specific settings, just choose the source you prefer to record and start recording. OBS can record in MP4 and FLV formats.

5. Fraps

Cost: $ 37 Lifetime license

Fraps It has an easy user interface and most of the features that we look for in the best game recording software. It is a very volatile tool, only a 2.3 Mb application. Fraps was created to run simultaneously with games and record game sequences with the most amazing quality. You can record videos at 7680 × 4800 resolution with custom frames that can be customized anywhere between 1-120 fps.

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Its highlights are suitable for recording game footage. You can control screenshots, cue points, and audio and video recording through the user interface. The Fraps also incorporates the frame per second (fps) counter that you see in the corner of the screen.

6. Bandicam game recording software

Cost: $ 39 Lifetime License

Bandicam is a hassle-free video game recorder that can record videos at customizable frame rates and 4K Ultra HD resolution. Furthermore, it makes it possible to record a specific area on the device screen or to record a game using DirectX / OpenGL graphics techniques.

7. PlayClaw

PlayClaw is game recording software that fuses high-grade performance with a powerful set of features. If a user needs video game recording software that also has the ability to record user audio, Play claw is the best software. This video game recording software gives you everything you want to record high quality videos of your game.

8. XSplit Gamecaster

Best Live Streaming Software XSplit Gamecaster brings you some robust drivetrain highlights. This is essentially the only live streaming software that allows its users to connect directly to Twitch.tv and other streaming services. You can start recording with the push of a button, and XSplit will manage the settings for you accordingly. So, you don’t need to worry!

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9. Nvidia ShadowPlay

Nvidia ShadowPlay appears with two modes: one is Shadow mode and the other is manual mode. Shadow mode records high-quality 1920 × 1080 images of all your games from the last 20 minutes and removes the oldest ones.

So if you discover something great to record, just press a hotkey and the recorded video will be stored on disk. Manual mode is general, you can activate infinite recording until finished.

17 Free Game Recorder for Windows

In addition to the Game Recorders list above, there are many more free game recording software that you can start with. Here are a total of 17 Windows 10 game recorders, many of which are absolutely free.

  1. Wondershare Filmora Scrn
  2. D3D Gear
  3. Action
  4. OBS Studio (Free)
  5. Fraps
  6. Bandicam
  7. Play claw
  8. XSplit Gamecaster
  9. Nvidia Shadow Play
  10. AMD GVR (Game Video Recorder)
  11. Dxtory
  12. FlashBack Express ( Free )
  13. FBX ( Free )
  14. Apowersoft Recorder (Free)
  15. Debut Video Capture ( Free )
  16. ShareX ( Free )
  17. Loilo Game Recorder ( Free )

Final verdict

Whether you are using the latest Windows system or not, you have many options and options to choose from among high quality game recording software now. So, just download a free game recording software from the mentioned list and make it happen your way. This list of the best 17 software would have really made things easier for you. Let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

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