3 Ways to Download HP Printer Drivers for Windows 10

To HP Deskjet All-in-one printers or HP large format printers or HP multifunction printers frequently HP printer can’t print at all or print too slowly in Windows 10. And people are more annoyed by the fact that even HP wireless printer not printing or painting slowly in Windows 10. Under these circumstances, it might be time for you to download Windows 10 printer drivers for your HP.


HP Printer Drivers for Windows 10 can not only solve your HP printer problem that HP MFPs can’t scan anymore, but also can make HP All-in-One Large Format Inkjet Printer more fast when used to print from a mobile device.

To help you get the latest HP Color LaserJet, HP LaserJet printer drivers for Windows 10, here are the approaches that save you the most time.

Advice Note: If you are informed that your HP in Windows 7, 8 is no longer compatible with Windows 10, you may also update the HP printer driver in Windows 10 in the following ways, provided that install the driver in compatibility mode .

Method 1: Update HP printer drivers in Device Manager

In some cases, you can find HP Windows 10 printer drivers in Device Manager, one of the system administrators. First of all, you can check whether or not Device Manager will fetch HP Universal Printer Drivers in Windows 10.

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1. Open Device Manager.

2. Expand the print spooler and then right-click on your HP printer driver to update the driver .

3. Then decide Automatically search for updated driver software .

If Device Manager finds the HP printer driver, it will install it for you. But it is also possible that Device Manager could not help you download Windows 10 driver for HP printer. In this case, continue until you have updated your HP printer driver to work with Windows 10.

Method 2 – Download HP Printer Drivers Automatically

Even if at some point you are not able to download the latest version of HP All-in-one Large Format Printer Drivers for Windows 10, there is still a way out, that is, use driver booster to help you download HP printer drivers, such as HP Deskjet 3755 All-in-One or HP Wireless Printer Drivers.

1. Download Driver Booster and run it on your HP laptop and desktop.

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2. Then press Scan in the interface to check for available driver updates.

After clicking the Scan button, Driver Booster will scan your HP printer drivers that need to be updated for Windows 10.

3. Locate the print spooler and later update the HP printer driver.

In this window, the drivers to be updated will be in view. You can know how many drivers can be downloaded or updated including HP Designjet / Latex / Pagewide Printer Drivers. And then it will also install HP Large Format Drivers on your Windows 10.

Method 3 – Download HP printer drivers manually

Generally, when you think of downloading HP printer drivers for Windows 10, you will jump directly to the HP website.

Here, you can immediately enter the HP printer support .

1: Type your HP printer model, and then click Look for .

If you are quite clear about your HP printer model, such as printer name, number, or serial number, you can enter it yourself. You will then see the HP printer drivers for your HP laser printers or Deskjet All-in-one by clicking Look for .

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Here choose the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w printer.

2 – Find the correct HP printer driver, and then click Download .

Here you can choose the HP printer drivers you want to download for Windows 10, such as HP scanner and digital press drivers.

Note : HP printer support will automatically detect your operating system, but if you want to change the version of the operating system, a button is provided. Change .

3: Install.

You can install downloaded HP printer drivers, such as HP printer software.

It is a bit slow for you to download HP printer drivers, such as HP Deskjet, Sprocket photo printer drivers. Therefore, you may consider using method 2 to automatically download the latest HP printer drivers to resolve HP printer running on ink too fast or ink too slow issues.

Manually or automatically, both can cause your HP wireless printer to be unable to resolve the printer issue. And maybe your HP printer jams regularly the problem may go away in some sense.

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