5 best MMORPG games for Android

Every day, the number of online RPG games for Android mobile devices is becoming more and more. The audience of potential players is in the hundreds of millions, so developers from all countries are actively promoting this genre.

MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, MMORPG or MMORPG) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

To introduce you to the wonderful fantasy world of MMO RPGs, we have prepared a selection of the five most popular games running on Android smartphones. All of them are free, in Russian and available for download in Google Play.

Cover art1. Dragon Revolt

Classic 3D MMO in the style of fantasy. Are you ready to fight for battle? Then welcome to DragonRevolt! The game’s plot focuses on a brutal war between two sides, the Rosselland Empire and the Asta Blood League.

Team up in boss raids or head out to the battlefield to claim eternal glory. Learn spells and skills that will help lead your clan to victory! It’s up to you to decide if the future belongs to the Empire or the Alliance. Start playing Dragon Revolt on Android to choose your own destiny.

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  Dragon Revolt - Classic MMORPG - Screenshot

Google-play Download Dragon Revolt

Cover art2. Order & Chaos 2

Rekindle your glory in the best and largest MMORPG on mobile! In a brand new part of Chaos and Order, you have to go along with thousands of players on a new journey, the goal of which will be to save the world.

OCO is one of the most complete MMO games on mobile. She has an advanced character creation system, five races, more than 15,000 skills and 8,000 items of equipment to collect and develop. Haradon can be explored independently or in multiplayer mode with friends and enemies, trade, duels, communication, etc. Join a group or guild and become stronger, overcome legendary dungeons with your friends. There are more than 1500 quests available, so there will be no time to get bored.

  Order & Chaos 2: 3D MMO RPG - Screenshot

Google-play Download Order & Chaos 2

Cover art3. Lineage 2: Revolution

This game is a must-play for every fan of the MMORPG genre. You are about to plunge into a new exciting fantasy world with magnificent visual effects. Large-scale real-time battles await you, on the same screen with hundreds of other players. Unite in a clan and conquer dungeons, destroying formidable monsters or fight in intense battles against thousands of other gamers from all over the planet.

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The game “Lineage 2: Revolution” is a completely new online role-playing game for Android mobile devices, with excellent graphic effects and large-scale PvP battles between players. You can truly enjoy this great full-featured MMORPG in a classic style on your smartphone.

Google-play Download Lineage 2: Revolution

Cover art4. Goddess: Primal Chaos

New MMORPG action movie in 3D style. Goddess is a completely free 3D game with dynamic action in real time. Your mission is to save humanity, the world of monsters and spirits. Become a hero to save the planet, a journey into the past, before the birth of the evil “Tyrant” awaits you.

In the game you can choose one of three classes: Sorcerer, Warrior, Ghoul and fight millions of gamers online. Collect items, grow your heroes and master multiple gameplay.

Google-play Download Goddess: Primal Chaos

Cover art

5. Dungeon Hunter 5

A first-class Android slasher with unreal graphics, in which you will not have an easy choice. Decide who you are – a valiant warrior or a hunter who is only interested in profit.

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The plot of the MMORPG offers a single player campaign, where you have to hunt monsters and villains in 69 missions and open the environment. In co-op mode, you can attract up to three more players. The game contains more than 900 types of armor and weapons, allowing you to learn hundreds of deadly spells and skills, choose the most suitable spells and equipment for each mission. It is possible to protect the loot obtained by back-breaking labor, with the help of 60 rooms of traps and 230 minions.

  Dungeon Hunter 5 - Action RPG - screenshot

Google-play Download Dungeon Hunter 5

QuestionWhat MMORPG strategy do you play on your Android? Share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, perhaps your message will be useful and help other users make a choice.

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