[5 Methods] Fix GeForce Experience Not Working Bug

Can’t start GeForce Experience? Not working or opening anymore? In this article, find out the top 5 methods on how to fix GeForce Experience Not Working error in Windows 10, 8 and 7.

If you have an Nvidia Geforce GTX graphics card, you must be familiar with Geforce Experience. It is an application specifically designed to optimize your graphics and give you, as the name suggests, the ‘Geforce Experience’. This companion app will keep your graphics drivers up to date, optimize game settings, and provide many other features.

And that’s why, when you get used to both an application and GeForce Experience, it can be quite frustrating when it crashes or doesn’t work for some reason. If you are one of those users, don’t worry because you have come to the right place!

How to fix GeForce Experience not working

We have compiled here the top known reasons why GeForce Experience might not work on your Windows PC. We will start with basic solutions, and if they don’t work, we will move on to more advanced solutions. These methods are sure to fix the GeForce Experience Not Working error.

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1. Uninstall and reinstall GeForce Experience

Usually this is recommended to do first and foremost as reinstall the software any corruption problem in your application. To do this:

  • Uninstall GeForce Experience using the Control Panel uninstaller
  • For to download the latest version of GeForce Experience, Visited here.
  • Install the application and see if you have installed it correctly. Then run GeForce Experience.

All corruption related issues and other minor issues will be resolved and the GeForce experience should run properly.

2. Update the graphics drivers for GeForce

If your graphics driver is outdated or bad, it can cause a lot of problems with GeForce Experience and the app might not work. To fix this, all you need to do is update your drivers correctly.

You can easily do it in two ways: Handbook or by using a third party app . We highly recommend using a third party app, such as Driver Booster, who can take care of this for you. So you won’t be responsible for making mistakes if you change the registry values ​​and mess it up further. To proceed with this method:

  • Get DriverBooster from here.
  • Run the application and click Scan Now.
  • Your computer will now be scanned in looking for drivers that need to be updated and wrong drivers. Once the list of drivers appears, click update all.
  • Their controllers will be repaired now.
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Once done, try running GeForce Experience Again, and it should work now. If not, try restarting your computer as it will affect the changes that have occurred.

3. Disable and re-enable the GeForce Experience service

This is really easy to do and will fix the problems in the Service GeForce Experience . To do this:

  • Press the Windows key + R
  • In the box, type services.msc and press Get in
  • Find the Nvidia GeForce experience and double click in her
  • Put the Start type What Automatic and later start the service.
  • Follow the same steps for another service called Nvidia Geforce Experience Backend Service
  • Also, find the service Nvidia Telemetry Container . Set the Start type on Automatic.
  • Now run GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience It should work perfectly now as we have fixed any bugs that may be present in the GeForce Experience Services.

4. Disable your antivirus

Antiviruses a sometimes cause problems with GeForce Experience related operations. To ensure that GeForce Experience works properly, try disabling the security and protection settings in your antivirus, either completely or temporarily. Disabling the antivirus prevents it from interfering with the operations of the Geforce Experience application.

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This will probably fix the problem of GeForce Experience that it doesn’t work on your PC.

5. Contact the Nvidia / GeForce forums

There are countless nvidia forums which you can check out on their website and get involved in similar threads. Look for people who have asked for similar inquiries and try reaching out to Nvidia. They could help you. Nvidia experts can also provide solutions to solve the problem for you. It is always worth a try.

Final verdict

We hope that by reading this article you have been able to resolve GeForce Experience on your PC that doesn’t work. These methods are the most popular and have solved the problems for most users. If you still need more help, you can contact professionals. If you have any question about any of the above-mentioned methods, you can comment below and we will we will reply with a answer relevant .

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