The Academy Award is the most coveted prize in Hollywood. These statuettes are invaluable to those who have won them, as they open up new opportunities for the winner. Film studios from all over the world offer multi-million dollar contracts with ideal conditions. It would seem that the stars should cherish the Oscar like the apple of their eye. However, in practice, it turns out quite differently. Many celebrities were completely careless with their figurines, and some of them even lost their awards. Consider the brightest stories of careless movie stars who really need to get themselves a safe to store trophies.

Marlon Brando – Best Actor in 1954

Marlon Brando received his first Oscar in 1954 for his role in the movie “At the Port”. The actor played the illiterate former boxer Terry Malloy, who was immersed in the criminal world. The film was based on a true story that, years later, makes you wonder about the cost of betrayal. The motion picture is included in the list of the 100 best films in 100 years. In his autobiography, the actor stated that he did not know what happened to his award – it simply disappeared from his radar over time. But this was not the only lost trophy. In 1973, the actor received an Oscar for Best Actor in The Godfather, in which he played the main mobster. However, Brando was not present at the awards ceremony. The actor cannot even remember whether the Academy of Motion Picture Arts sent him the statuette or not.

Olympia Dukakis – Best Supporting Actress in 1987

9 actors who lost Oscars  DiCaprio is not the only one

In 1987, Olympia Dukakis won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in In the Power of the Moon. The star played Rose Castorini, the mother of the protagonist. The film tells about the strange events that take place in an Italian family during the full moon. The film entered the top 10 best films for 1987. In 1989, Olympia Dukakis lost her Oscar: the statuette was stolen when her house was burglarized. Surprisingly, this was the only item that disappeared after the robbery. The actress immediately turned to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts, where she was offered to purchase a trophy for $ 78. As a result, Dukakis became the first Hollywood star who managed to buy herself an Oscar.

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Whoopi Goldberg – Best Supporting Actress in 1991

9 actors who lost Oscars  DiCaprio is not the only one

In 1991, Whoopi Goldberg was awarded an Oscar for her role as medium Oda Mae Brazn in the movie Ghost. The picture tells the story of a psychic who was possessed by a deceased stranger to communicate with his wife. This is the second trophy for the actress. Whoopi Goldberg received her first Oscar in 1986 for Best Actress in the film Flowers of the Purple Fields. The actress is very careful with her awards, and therefore in 2002 gave the “ghost” statuette back to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts in order to clean and detail it. The trophy was sent to a Chicago figurine company. However, as it turned out, during transportation, someone opened the package, took out Oscar and packed the box back. But this story has a happy ending: the trophy was found in a landfill in Ontario. The trophy was immediately returned to Whoopi Goldberg. The actress said that now the statuette will forever remain in her house.

Matt Damon – Best Original Screenplay 1998

9 actors who lost Oscars  DiCaprio is not the only one

The motion picture Good Will Hunting helped Matt Damon win an Oscar for Best Screenplay in 1998. The tape even got into the IMDB rating of the best films. The film grossed $ 225 million worldwide. Good Will Hunting is the story of a man with unique abilities who made incredible discoveries in mathematics throughout his life. Now Matt Damon doesn’t even know where his Oscar is. The actor clearly remembers that the trophy was in an apartment in New York. However, when no one was at home, a fire broke out in the room and a fire alarm went off. When Matt and his wife returned to the apartment, the figurine was gone.

Angelina Jolie – Best Supporting Actress 1999

9 actors who lost Oscars  DiCaprio is not the only one

In 1999, Angelina Jolie was awarded an Oscar for her role as Fox, an aggressive sociopathic girl, in the film, Girl, Interrupted. The film tells the story of the life of a young Suzanne Keysen, who tried to commit suicide. The heroine ends up in a mental hospital, where she meets other patients. The film received rather mixed criticism, but Jolie’s acting skills were highly appreciated. At the awards ceremony, the actress noted that it was a great honor for her to accept this award. However, at the same time, Jolie emphasized that she does not hold on to trophies, and therefore presented the Oscar to her mother Marcheline Bertrand. Apparently, the woman too carefully guarded the statuette of her daughter, because after her death in 2007, there is absolutely no information about Oscar’s whereabouts.

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Jeff Bridges – Best Actor 2010

9 actors who lost Oscars  DiCaprio is not the only one

In 2010, Jeff Bridges won an Oscar for his role as country singer Bad Blake in Crazy Heart. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Cobb. Amazing is the fact that the movie was shot in just 24 days. A year later, in 2011, Jeff Bridges was nominated for Best Actor for his role in Iron Grip. At the awards ceremony, the actor admitted that he had lost the first statuette somewhere in his home. Even more disappointing for Bridges, however, was that he never received his second Oscar that evening.

Colin Firth – Best Actor in 2011

9 actors who lost Oscars  DiCaprio is not the only one

In 2011, Colin Firth received an Oscar for his role as King George VI of Great Britain in The King’s Speech. The picture tells the story of how the court speech therapist Lionel Loga relieved Vladyka from stuttering. Critics praised the film, especially the acting skills of Colin Firth. However, the actor almost lost his Oscar. During the party after the awards ceremony, Colin Firth almost forgot the statuette in the closet. The janitor who found the trophy chased the actor all evening to give him the award. However, Firth himself issued a statement in which he noted that this story is completely fictional.

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Leonardo DiCaprio – Best Actor in 2016

9 actors who lost Oscars  DiCaprio is not the only one

In 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio received the coveted Oscar for his role as Hugh Glass the hunter in the movie “The Survivor.” The main character was seriously wounded by a bear, however, in order to take revenge on his offenders, he found the strength to go further. The film received three Golden Globes and positive reviews from critics. DiCaprio was nominated for an Oscar five times, but he was able to get the long-awaited trophy only in 2016. It would seem that the actor would treat the statuette with trepidation, but the next day after the award ceremony, a message appeared in the press that DiCaprio had lost his Oscar. However, the panic was exaggerated. The actor had just forgotten the statuette on the table in the restaurant where the party was held after the ceremony. Employees immediately notified the movie star of the loss, to which DiCaprio replied that he would prefer to receive a bottle of wine instead of an Oscar. The waiters complied with the actor’s request, but the statuette was also returned.

Frances McDormand – Best Actress 2018

9 actors who lost Oscars  DiCaprio is not the only one

In 2018, Frances McDormand received an Oscar for her role as Mildred Hayes in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. The drama tells the story of the main character’s attempts to restore justice in a small town and find the culprit in the rape and murder of her daughter. The film received rave reviews from critics and a Golden Globe award. However, McDormand was not very careful with her figurine. So, at the party after the awards ceremony, the actress could say goodbye to the Oscar forever. The movie star was distracted from the trophy, leaving it on the table and went to the guests. At this time, the unknown grabbed the award and even managed to hide for some time. However, one of the photographers noticed the kidnapper and took the statuette from him. Since the story had a happy ending, the actress asked not to detain the failed thief.

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