A puzzle, nothing is clear, again a puzzle – but I liked it. Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III Review

Most of the games associated with puzzles have long settled on smartphones and successfully exist there, bringing impressive profits to developers. The authors of this game decided to allow gamers to solve puzzles on a PC – for this, they came up with a simple plot, drew seven huge locations, and worked out a sea of ​​difficult tasks, from which the brain sometimes boils. On the other hand, if the head hadn’t been popping at the seams from the abundance of difficulties, then the genre would not have been called a puzzle, right?

Guess yourself or get stuck

It should be noted right away that there is simply no gameplay in Nemesis: Mysterious Journey III, in addition to solving ingenious problems. This game is completely built on puzzles and walking between them. The project does not plan to provide anything else – the characters do not even know how to run and jump. What can we talk about? And in this format of the gameplay, it would be logical to expect that the puzzles themselves will be simply beautiful and wildly interesting. Still, no, the sensations from these riddles are quite contradictory.

There are puzzles for logic, for imaginative thinking, for understanding geometry, and even partially physics. All this is scattered over seven huge locations, which differ in decoration and the puzzles themselves. Somewhere it would be best if you rolled the balls, somewhere to control the beams, somewhere – to move the platforms, protecting the head from the blows of incomprehensible energy. All this is really fascinating. Sometimes you even have to take a notebook, draw and think about how to go further. And here certain problems begin, which personally did not bring me very much pleasure.

The fact is that some of the puzzles are simply poorly explained. They bring you to the location. They say that the gate over there is sealed, and you need to open it. That’s it, then run around the location, look into every corner in search of clues (but there are none), guess what needs to be done next. For example, I spent about thirty minutes exploring the site, searching for a clue about the discs, after which I switched the difficulty to simple, and the hint told me that there should be one more unlit segment on the disc with each circle. The question is, how was I supposed to figure it out myself, without prompts? By typing?

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And you will be surprised, but there are many such situations where – you are put face in front of a puzzle, and nothing is explained, not even some basic mechanics. You have to spend a lot of time understanding the mechanism’s operation, but, on the other hand, as soon as you cope with this, any problem can be solved. I solved the same disks in two minutes when I realized what they wanted from me, with rays, balls, platforms, and arrows the same story. The developer would have to work a little over the task’s description facing the player, and then there would be no price for the game. However, the puzzles themselves are cool – I got a lot of pleasure from solving them.

As in the best books on planetary conquest

I really liked how the level designers drew the virtual world of the planet Regilus – it is a real delight for the eyes. Perhaps you have read books about the conquest of other planets, what other living planets can be like, what features of landscapes there may be, fauna and flora. The authors of the game implemented all this visually, and, what is most pleasant, they did it very well. Yes, the textures here are clearly not in the highest resolution (you can find flat walls with scanty patterns in three seconds), but the world itself is very decently worked out. Somewhere there are backlit spiders, somewhere huge open spaces open to the eye, and somewhere you can get lost in huge bushes.

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The problem with this beauty is that it is extremely linear – you can only walk where the developers have allowed it. It is impossible to go outside the fence, to look into some distant corner – too. As I said, the characters here cannot jump, so overcoming obstacles is out of the question. The gamer can only wander along the fences, looking into the distance at the beautiful landscapes, but it is not destined to go there. I can’t say that it upset me because I initially understood that the game is linear, without an open world. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to understand that no one will let you walk freely.

History for show

At the head of the storyline are Bogart and Amia’s characters – they set off on an exciting journey that did not go exactly as they planned. The heroes used the services of a teleportation company – in the future when people mastered new technologies, it became the perfect way to transport anything in space. The characters decided to spend their holidays on the planet Regilus, but only at the start of the journey did the heroes be separated. To reunite, they had to complete a lot of different tasks. The motivation is clear, the announcer tells the back story in a rather captivating way, but this is where the interest in the narration is lost.

The fact is that they will tell you absolutely nothing about the characters themselves – neither about their origin, nor about their goals, nor their connection, nor motivation. It’s just that two characters, to whom you are completely indifferent, went through a teleport on a journey, they were separated due to some mistake (or not an error), and now you need to puzzle over riddles for the heroes to be reunited. Yes, there is an announcer who makes speeches from an electronic pager and makes the fog of history, there are signs with inscriptions, there is even something like cut-scenes, but the overall feeling of the plot remains rather sad. As if the developers came up with a sea of ​​cool puzzles and then thought that it would be nice to connect them with at least some kind of story.

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Weak spots

Of the technical features, it is worth noting that the game periodically and for no reason reduces the FPS, and then after three seconds, it returns everything. Surprisingly, this does not happen in the course of some action (after all, there is simply no action here), but periodically in random situations. Perhaps this will be fixed with a patch from the first day – I played a version that has not yet reached release. The second drawback is that you cannot rotate the camera in the process of dialogues or performing any actions. It firmly clings to one point. Sometimes this is very inconvenient – you have to twirl around to find the right angle.


Despite the obvious shortcomings, the game brought me a lot of pleasure – all thanks to the cool puzzles that carry away for many hours of mental suffering. And if you are also a fan of puzzles with an asterisk, then the project will bring many emotions and a feeling of satisfaction. And the virtual world was created well. The storyline, albeit rather dry, but skillfully heightens interest in what is happening. Of course, there were some flaws, but let’s not forget that we are not talking about an AAA release with a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars. A couple of small flaws in the game can still be forgiven.

✅ Benefits:

  • detailed and very interesting world;
  • puzzles are challenging but fun;
  • there are subtitles in Russian;
  • there is a plot eyeliner.

❌ Disadvantages:

  • some mechanics would be worth explaining;
  • faceless characters;
  • absolutely linear levels;
  • rare FPS drawdowns;
  • cut scenes are not very attractive.

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