A Volkswagen classic for every day: Test drive Passat 2021

Everyone who is now about 30 years old knows the Volkswagen Passat for sure as one of the most popular models. In the central region, for sure. The Passat was a symbol of wealth and a rational approach to choosing a car for everyday use.

The release of the CC version diluted the model’s audience with a younger generation and made the entrance ticket more affordable. It’s time to get acquainted with the current model of the brand from Volkswagen. Welcome – Volkswagen Passat. It is already the 8.5th generation.


  • engine 2 liters, turbo, 95th gasoline, 190 hp s., 320 Nm;
  • seven-speed automatic DSG;
  • front-wheel-drive;
  • average consumption during the test drive – 8.6 liters per 100 km;
  • drove 470 km.

Is it Passat !?

The first wow effect is, of course, outside. An excellent look, strict features, and the car’s color on the test should be noted separately. Deep Aquamarine blue and 18-inch wheels give the visual appeal you want. Throw in modern LED headlights and chubby sidewalls for a complete, stately look. Yes, over the years, the Passat has grown to a decent size.

Behind, by the way, Passat does not boast of its name. The font size is small. I would even say modest. The logo on the boot lid has a double function: the opening handle (with an automatic door closer and closing button and keyless entry) and the camera. It’s cool that both remain clean due to the construct. And the trunk itself can still be opened with a wave of your leg.

What else? Moderately chrome, sunroof, and no matte “skirts” around the perimeter. So there is no hint of activity outside the asphalt. City hero. To match the status and severity of the appearance and the interior of the car. Restrained gray tones, velour upholstery, and soft-touch interior materials.

Seat upholstery to match the exterior, complemented by black leather sidewalls. The driver and front passenger are electrically adjustable. The captain also has massage, knee support, and position memory for two profiles.

Ergonomic, lockable armrest in the center. Below it is a niche for small things and a USB Type-C connector. You can also throw small things into a small compartment to the left of the steering wheel and into the glove compartment. The latter is also cooled. But the gearshift knob in such a status car would not be so bulky. Behind it, fortunately, is a push-button climate control unit. There is also a very convenient niche for a smartphone, also rubberized.

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But the once familiar analog clock on the dashboard in the center-left Passat in a pre-styled version.

Today there is nowhere without displays, and there are two of them. In the center is the multimedia head unit. Pleases with the speed of work, customization of the menu (you can customize the widgets for yourself), and high resolution and contrast. Obviously, they did not save on hardware. The interaction interface is all touch-sensitive, so get used to it.

The second screen is digital. She, like multimedia, may be familiar to you from those in the Skoda lineup. This is not a minus, just a fact. Note that the interface of all menus has its own but clear logic. The tidy can also be customized for yourself, displaying the most relevant information to you. For example, you can display only the fuel consumption per second and monitor this parameter.

Or you can display the standard navigation. It copes well with Moscow and the region. It also works smartly and supports voice control. The map can be displayed in the entire tidy not to be distracted by the screen in the center. I wonder which automaker will make the conclusion of Car Play or Android Auto on the screen before my eyes … a rhetorical question.

Finally, the head-up display. The option is not cheap, and I would not say that it is necessary. Yes, it’s cool when you see the information “hanging” in the air about cruise control, navigation directions, and speed … but all this is literally 5 centimeters below.

A few words about the steering wheel. Comfortable, leather, heated, and cut from the bottom. No complaints. Convenient. Two control units: cruise control on the left, multimedia on the right, and digital tidy control. There are many buttons, but you get used to everything quickly.

I’ll move back. There is plenty of room here. The length of 4767 millimeters is felt. Passengers in the back have their own climate without being tied to the driver, usually the case, a business option. There are also heated seats, cup holders in the reclining armrest, and the ability to get into the trunk—comfortable, spacious, status in its own way.

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The trunk. If the VW Polo received a lift-back trunk from the Skoda Rapid, then the Passat did not receive such a design from the Octavia. The trunk here is as classic as possible. 586 liters and 1152 liters with the rear row folded down. Organizers, hooks, and cigarette lighter socket, everything with him. Under the floor, there is a full spare wheel on the original disc! Also, a set for changing wheels on the way.

What are your impressions? Calmly, in its own way, cozy, thoughtful, and solid. Passat does not flirt with tricks, an abundance of backlights, and other enticements. You can say a true German. By the way, it is assembled in Germany.

Let’s hit the road!

Volkswagen Passat, as already mentioned, is a city hero. Its task is to drive you (or you and your driver) in comfort and silence. With a two-liter engine and 190 “horses,” there is also a bit of enthusiasm. And also a sport mode. In general, it is pleasant to steer, even in normal mode, the Passat. Brisk rebuilding, tenacity, and a pleasantly elastic steering wheel add emotion and smiles to the face.

The steering wheel is electric, and you feel a certain detachment from the road. But in turn, the suspension is very taut and coupled with 18 wheels. One might say, sporty. There are almost no rolls, shaking on a bad road, but I like to feel the road this way. Although, of course, it is difficult to call it a perfectly comfortable ride. Such is the balance here.

A Volkswagen classic for every day.  Test drive Passat 2021

By the way, this version has several modes of operation. There is already the aforementioned “Sport,” but there is also “Eco.” In the latter, the car becomes completely docile, and the damper settings change. If you don’t like the presets, you can create your own. In general, thanks to Volkswagen for the abundance of customization options.

It is very convenient to drive, it is not hot in the seats (thanks to the fact that leather is not everywhere, wherever possible), the adaptive cruise makes it easier to get stuck in traffic jams and drive on highways. Good sound from the speakers plays your favorite music. Fresh air comes in through the sunroof, and you race along the winding country road. Whisper! But you can also get clogged, turn on additional antibacterial air filtration and drive in the silence of the cabin, listen to a podcast, and enjoy the freshness and coolness. So yes, the Passat can be different.

A Volkswagen classic for every day.  Test drive Passat 2021

I will complain a little. Mainly on side-view mirrors, they are not very large for such a machine and have wide-angle distortion at the edge. This is a matter of habit, but still, the total area of ​​the mirrors would be larger.

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And I will also be happy for the passengers in the back. They have their own USB Type-C, a cigarette lighter socket, and a full-power outlet. The royal set is clearly with a hint of working with a laptop, on the way, for business meetings. Don’t forget about the legroom.

A Volkswagen classic for every day.  Test drive Passat 2021

Output. What’s the bottom line?

I was bribed by the external severity, restraint of the cabin, and thoughtfulness. It’s generally difficult to find fault with the Passat. He does not try to “sell himself” to you, does not say “look how I can,” he just can. It can drive quietly and comfortably. It can be submerged. It can delight with music and climate, the view of the sky overhead, or just let it work quietly in the second row, which is what I am doing now.

Honestly, I want to praise him, but he is all so neutral and correct that you don’t know which one to approach. But this is never a minus and will not be annoying.

A Volkswagen classic for every day.  Test drive Passat 2021

There are a couple … wishes or wishes, call it what you want. There would be more side mirrors, and adaptive control, which will also get underway in traffic jams. You can find fault with the stiffness of the suspension and the presence of elements from other VAG vehicles. But is it that important? And you can soften the suspension a little by buying a car with smaller disks.


  • severity, thoughtfulness, and the absence of feigned elements;
  • it is pleasant to drive and pleasant when driven;
  • ergonomics;
  • spaciousness.

May not like:

  • in a traffic jam, the adaptive cruise control will not start by itself;
  • suspension stiffness;
  • USB Type-C only;
  • elements from other VAG machines.

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