According to survey, two-thirds of Windows 7 users will upgrade to Windows 11

The Windows Report website conducted a survey among its readers, in which it asked users to answer questions regarding the next generation of the Windows operating system. 6 thousand people took part in the survey, among whom 89% are Windows 10 users, 6% are Windows 7 users, 1% are Linux, macOS, Chrome OS, and 2% are other operating systems.

It is worth noting that Windows 10 is installed on more than 1.3 billion devices (as of April this year), and Windows 7 is installed on more than 100 million computers worldwide (as of the beginning of this year). 74% of respondents voted for Windows 11, 26% were against it. It is noteworthy that Windows 7 users are more determined to upgrade to Windows 11 than at the time to Windows 10. There are 65% of those who wish. The overwhelming majority (92%) are ready to install a new version of the OS on their devices independently, and only 8% want to buy a computer with Windows 11 preinstalled.

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Those strongly opposed to Windows 11 are divided. 33% of users do not see the point in switching to a new OS, another 33% do not want to do this because everything suits them, 9% are afraid of losing important data during the update process, and 25% did not find the right answer.

Another rather curious part of the survey is the need to release a new version of Windows and its expectations. Most of the respondents do not consider it compulsory to release Windows 11. Some are inclined towards the further development of Windows 10, while others are not so important. It’s funny that 23% of users haven’t heard of the update at all. Almost a third of the people who took part in the survey (29%) expect improved security and privacy from the new system and a responsive interface. Only 19% want to see design changes first.

Windows 11 will be announced today, June 24th.

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