One of the most famous PDF tools is often thought of as a simple reader. In fact, Adobe Acrobat Pro is a full-fledged editor with a dozen non-obvious use cases to simplify the creation and editing of documents. Stanislav Rosakhatsky, Chief Consultant of Adobe Document Cloud, gave a presentation with a detailed story about the implicit functionality of Acrobat Pro. I suggest you read my notes on the results.

First of all, I would like to note the advanced file comparison. An extremely convenient tool when several specialists are working on one project, and different PDF versions are constantly sent by mail. Adobe Acrobat Pro will analyze the files and display any differences step by step. Moreover, not only in the text but also in the pictures.

In the process of editing, you can use layers – separate the design and the body of the document, sort text blocks, and add pictures separately. The principle of work is similar to working with layers in Abode Photoshop. Thus, it is much easier to look for inaccuracies, hiding information that is unnecessary at the moment. And confidential data will help to hide the function “Redact.” Any word, sentence, or paragraph can be completely removed if this or that client should not see them. The removed data cannot be found – either manually or with the built-in search function – the selected text will be erased at the bit and byte level.

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The PDF file itself is a real container to attach a video or music, which will be played on click like a regular player. However, Adobe went further and made it possible to integrate 3D models from the AutoCAD program or a full-fledged map with coordinates into PDF. You can interact – measure with a ruler or get exact coordinates. Built-in JavaScript support further expands possible use cases. Stanislav, for example, showed a working calculator inside a regular document file. You only need a reader and the add-ons available in it to view stuffed documents, no third-party programs.

After the finished documents can be folded into a portfolio that looks like a regular PDF, but in fact, is an archive with several files. The editor is capable of converting Microsoft Office documents to PDF. At the same time, PDF files are easily converted to other formats. A portfolio comes in handy when a set of documents cannot be combined into a single PDF, for example, due to security or big differences in structure.

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The reviewed Adobe Acrobat Pro is a complete editor for creating PDF. You can use the corresponding Adobe PDF Reader, which fully works with all of the above chips as a free reader. The reader is also available on Android and iOS mobile devices. In the future, Adobe plans to integrate its engine directly into Windows so that the built-in Microsoft EDGE system supports all the functionality of PDF files.

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