AI from Sber independently wrote a program in C ++ and Java

CNews, citing representatives of Sberbank, reported that the Sber AI team, a subsidiary of the bank, has developed and registered with Rospatent a computer program written entirely by artificial intelligence. The novelty was named Artificial Vision, and, as the name implies, the main task of the program is to simulate human vision. The software can read pixels from an image to then provide information to the neural network for analysis and further actions. This, for example, can be used for recognition in a manner by various software.

Employees of the Sber AI company said that they independently trained the ruGPT-3 neural network, which eventually wrote a computer program – it is they who are indicated in the Rospatent column “Authors.” The developers did not provide exact information on what methods the neural network was trained on. Still, they reported that Artificial Vision was literally written from scratch by artificial intelligence using the C ++ and Java programming languages. It is important to clarify that these languages, along with Python, C, and C #, are among the world’s five most popular programming languages ​​. Now, according to the developers, AI will be able to relieve developers of many routine tasks.

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Moreover, in the foreseeable future, when Sber AI will teach the system new programming languages ​​and finalize mechanisms, Sber will provide technology to other companies commercially. In this regard, of course, the question arose about the imminent drop in demand for programmers, but the representatives of Sber AI themselves said that it is too early to talk about it now. But, on the other hand, the use of technology in small companies will save up to 6 million rubles a year, while in large companies, AI can replace up to 10 programmers, which will save up to 30 million.

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