Today, May 24, the information publication VideoCardz published the news that Intel’s new generation processors (we are talking about Alder Lake-S), created for desktop computers, will receive a new socket – Socket V, aka LGA1700. And because of this, potential buyers may have certain problems with cooling new “stones” – the fact is that no modern cooling system supports the new socket due to technical differences. For example, now all modern Intel sockets are square, but the new socket is more rectangular – like Comet and Rocket Lake-S.

Moreover, the processor’s heat-transfer cover will be thinner, which will cause the processor itself to protrude less from the motherboard. According to insiders who have published blueprints with the new processor, Alder Lake-S models will be at least one millimeter smaller, which is why, accordingly, the current cooling systems will not work in most situations either. And, as expected, the proprietary cooler designed for the Socket V socket will have a new arrangement of holes for installing the fastening mechanism – this also makes the current cooling systems completely useless for the LGA1700.

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Of course, the manufacturer has foreseen this situation and already now there is evidence that the new processors will be supplied with a complete cooler that fits the new platform requirements. But, of course, it cannot be applied to other sockets, and BOX variants are usually inferior to OEM variants in terms of efficiency, silence and additional features. Probably, Intel partners will present their solutions for future processors in the very near future.

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