Amazon confirms support for new AAB format for Android apps in Windows 11

Windows 11 will support both APKs and the new Android App Bundle (AAB) format. The question remained unanswered after Google announced the move to AAB for all developers from August 2021. Future support for the Android App Bundle in the Amazon Appstore, which will become part of the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 for Android compatibility, is reported on the official Amazon blog – the team has confirmed that it is already actively working on its implementation.

The use of AAB will be extended to developers publishing new applications to Google Play. The current APK format is required to be abandoned by the forthcoming policy. Therefore it will probably simply cease to be the standard publishing format in the long run. But Amazon Appstore will continue to support both APK and AAB, and the latter will not be fully mandatory. Apps can be submitted to the Amazon Appstore in APK format even after the launch of AAB, and Windows 11 will handle both formats. Thus, there will be no significant changes for the Amazon platform, so Windows 11 will remain in the black.

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As a reminder, most of the applications available in the Amazon Appstore today will automatically run on Windows 11 computers with the developer’s permission. Moreover, the new operating system will download APK files directly to install third-party applications bypassing the Microsoft Store in just a couple of clicks. Also, for Windows 11, Android applications on any processor are announced: from modern Intel and AMD with x86 architecture to ARM solutions from Qualcomm.

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