Android 11 has an option to download Android 12 without flashing: how to activate it

On the first day of the Google I / O conference, Google announced the beta version of Android 12 for the Pixel line of smartphones and selected devices from other manufacturers. Meanwhile, the official image (Generic System Image) of Android 12 Beta 1 in DSU packages is already available for download. This means that the latest version of Google’s mobile system can already be downloaded to almost any smartphone.

GSI is a pre-built system image that can be downloaded on devices that support Project Treble. Even if you don’t have a compatible Pixel smartphone at hand, you can still install an update to transfer the device to Android 12 with the latest security patch. At the same time, the manufacturer’s proprietary shell will remain intact. In other words, it is a dynamic update allowing you to try the latest version of Android without risking your installed system.

The easiest way to do this is on a device running Android 11. For the procedure, you will need an unlocked bootloader and 8 GB of free space. In the “For Developers” section of system settings, go to DSU Loader and select the appropriate image depending on the device architecture. This will allow you to download Android 12 and then easily return to the previous version of the system through a special notification in the “shutter.”

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DSU relies on Android Dynamic Partition and requires GSI to be signed by Google or device manufacturers as a trusted system image. If your smartphone has an earlier Android version, you can try the same procedure, but you have to tinker with Fastboot and ADB.

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