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Apple made such good headphones that you can safely sell them for another ten years – which is why it is almost impossible to distinguish Pro from Pro 2 from afar. That is why I say that there is not much point in updating – but if you carefully choose fancy TWS, you won’t be able to find something better than Pro 2. This is true. Now let’s see what’s up here.

Oh, and here’s a link to a review of the first AirPods Pro:


As I wrote, everything remains as it was: the shape of the headphones is successful and fits almost everyone, the tips are excellent, and the case is small. By the way, the nozzles of the first and second Pro are incompatible. One more, the smallest size, was added to the Pro 2 kit. The pads are very comfortable. I like them. The unorthodox method of fixing the nozzles has not changed – I am always afraid that they will break.

Another mesh appeared on the top of the cup – apparently, for better operation of the microphone system. This whole bundle works for the noise reduction system and better voice transmission. Everything is fine here, with this and the previous AirPods Pro in order. I can hear perfectly even on the street next to cars and pedestrians. The new H2 chip controls the microphones and the driver – we must say thanks to him for all the innovations and the pleasant work time.

The main feature is adjusting the sound by stroking the legs. Works great! Swipe down or up to change the volume gradually—no need to get a smartphone or ask for Siri, buzz. At first, you get confused and iron the headphones in the wrong place – you need to iron the flat part of the leg. You learn in a couple of minutes and start stroking and AirPods.

Each cup contains an H2 chip and a new driver. The noise reduction system has been redesigned and, according to Apple, has become twice as effective. And the music is much better too! Let’s talk about noise reduction first – for me. The first AirPods Pro is the benchmark among other models with ANC. I put it on, pressed the leg, and immediately all the noise around seemed to go far, far away. In Pro 2, the situation is precisely the same – no matter how I tried, I did not notice much difference. Perhaps we should try it in flight – as soon as I try, I will immediately report to you.

I liked the adaptive transparency – if suddenly someone starts talking loudly nearby, the headphones themselves will make you quieter. I left the option enabled, and it works great. But the spatial audio setting is crooked – to remove the ears, it’s easier to ask someone than to do it yourself. I correctly shaped the left ear from the fifth time – this can hardly be called a typical Apple convenience.

But I want to say thanks for the separate AirPods settings menu in iOS 16. That’s great. I advise you to make the control, like mine, so that you can turn off all the options altogether.

New case

Once I had to look for AirPods Pro in Find My, and I was surprised by how cleverly everything works here. First, I immediately saw their location and calmed down: they were in the office. Secondly, for the first time in my life, I used the sound playback on the headphones, asked my colleagues to be quiet, and began to walk around the room – everyone was amusing, but in the end, I heard a distant squeal. The headphones were in my bag, just not in my usual pocket.

But there was something else. For example, Apple suddenly broke the entire industry of cases for AirPods – a bunch of models with straps for wearing around the neck came out and came out. I use one myself. Now they are not needed: there is a loop on the case. The Japanese will say a special thank you. They love to attach various accessories to smartphones and other gadgets.

On the other hand, add-on manufacturers will now be able to make straps specifically for the Pro 2 – so Apple broke one and gave the other as a gift. Thank you!

There is another important innovation: now the case is in the MagSafe family – you can magnetize the Apple Watch charging tablet, which is convenient. Now I only charge the case this way. And then I’ll tell you about the operating time. They promise 6 hours of work on the headphones. The battery of the case gives a few more charges. Naturally, the active time is highly dependent on the operation of the noise reduction system, the process of adaptive transparency, and the volume level. In my mode, the headphones live for about five hours – I guess most people will have the same situation. Is it good? Let’s say that this is the average temperature in the hospital – it’s just that in the case of all other AirPods headphones, they behave more or less predictably. But for other manufacturers, the declared six hours sometimes turn into three.

If you order headphones at an Apple store, you can ask for a complimentary engraving – an excellent option! We constantly confuse AirPods in the office, and families sometimes have several of them.


I think the first AirPods Pro has excellent sound quality, and the second model boasts the same. A substantial dynamic driver perfectly conveys all the shades of your favorite track and the sounds in games, YouTube videos, or movies. I love watching TV series and movies on iPad with Pro 2 / Pro.

Many people have some strange position about the sound of AirPods. They say, well, an excellent headset, and everything is convenient and relaxed, BUT it’s such a sound in terms of sound. I have tried all the expensive TWS on the market, and I can tell you for sure: for Apple technology, there is NOTHING better than AirPods in terms of convenience, sound, and joint integration. Turn on Lossless, set up spatial audio, enjoy, and don’t listen to audiophiles.

Regarding the changes – I tried to compare the same tracks on Pro and Pro 2. There is a difference. The Pro 2 has a much more exciting bass, a larger stage, overtones, and all sorts of previously unnoticed little things are heard. This applies to everything related to sound.

There are no delays in games. I already talked about speech transmission quality – everything is perfect here.


In retail, headphones cost $ 250 – but these are still the first days, the beginning of sales, and if there is not enough for everyone, then the price will drop. I’ll say one thing: running with all your might for Pro 2, if you have regular Pros, there’s no point. Of all the new features, I liked the volume control the most. Everything else does not affect the working experience too much. In general, in everyday life, I carry AirPods 3 with me as the most convenient and suitable for me personally for most situations, and AirPods Pro for noisy places. Great kit. It works great. You can not even think about replacing it for a few more years. However, I try all the interesting new products that appear on sale.

Another question, if you are getting ready to boot into the world of AirPods, then the Pro 2 is just what you need. The chip is the last one. The noise reduction is excellent, and I liked the sound quality. Buy and don’t even think about Bang & Olufsen or Sony.

What did I personally expect from the update? I don’t think a USB-C connector would make the case bigger – but it certainly would make life easier. It is hardly worth dreaming about a hybrid design in terms of audio – Apple will not install “armature” and a dynamic driver, as it is too complicated, eats a battery, and is difficult to set up correctly. Therefore, I am satisfied with all the innovations – except for the already mentioned USB-C.

Well, in general, everything is predictable. Apple is developing devices with a very long life cycle. Now the AirPods line is harmonious and covers any needs. Over time, all headphone models will be re-equipped with H2; they will add the U1 chip and a few other chips and let them continue to be sold in hundreds of thousands.

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