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Apple Cuts iPhone 14 Production – People Like Firmware More – Techsuppo

Apple is reducing the production of the iPhone 14. This is due to low demand, reports IT Home.

The reduction concerns Foxconn, Apple’s largest assembler. The company will close five production lines at once.

It is not clear from IT Home reports how many production lines there are now, nor is it clear whether this has anything to do with the iPhone 14 Plus, a larger version of the iPhone 14.

After the revision of production plans, it is expected that the share of 14 Pro and Pro Max will be 60-65% in the second half of this year. Before the launch, Apple believed that firmware would not take more than 60% of sales. The most popular model right now is the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

There are several reasons why this happened. One is the lack of significant differences between the iPhone 13 and 14. For some reason, Apple left the “thirteenths” on sale. In the end, they just gobbled up the share of the iPhone 14. It’s hard to say that Plus will only go on sale on October 7th.

Although it is unlikely that the appearance of reviews on a giant iPhone will somehow correct the situation. Earlier, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that pre-orders for essential iPhones failed. The same Plus is not as attractive to people as the iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone SE (2022) are two outsiders in the entire line of the company:

And now a new device has been added to them.

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