At the April 20 presentation, Apple introduced the updated Apple TV 4K set-top box. More interesting was the gadget itself as the improved remote control – with an all-metal body, deeper integration of the Siri voice assistant. Without a touchpad, instead of it, there is now a multifunctional control wheel. At the same time, many fans were waiting for the support of the Locator service using the AirTag technology to search for the remote control remotely, but this did not happen. Apple VP of Marketing Tim Twerdahl finally explained why in an interview with The Verge.

The journalist told an Apple top manager that even he himself regularly loses the remote couch cushions, so the ability to search using a smart tag or sound alert would be beneficial. In response, Tverdal stressed that the new Siri Remote is very thick, and it is almost impossible to lose such a noticeable device even within the room, let alone the sofa.

“We are very pleased with the last release of AirTag and consider the tracker one of the best Apple products in recent years. We also made changes to the Siri Remote, making it thicker – you will definitely never lose it between the cushions of your couch, ”- from Tim Tverdal’s comment for The Verge.

The main assumption about the absence of AirTag in Siri Remote was considered a quick discharge of the remote due to the constant work of geolocation, or it could be developed later than the remote itself. The fact of an increase in price and a decrease in benefits would also be understandable. But a simple “thickening of the body” sounds strange. This explanation is rather controversial.

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