British luxury car brand Bentley plans to phase out combustion engines in just a few years completely. According to CAR Magazine, 2025 will be the year when the company will only produce electric cars.

Bentley’s first electric car will be a luxury crossover developed in collaboration with Audi. The car will be built on the platform of the Volkswagen Group, which is being prepared as part of the Artemis project. The company’s CEO Adrian Hallmark said the partnership with Audi is a great opportunity for Bentley to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles that match the brand’s sophisticated characteristics. In doing so, he stressed that the extra weight added by the battery continues to bother him, with the result that Bentley will focus on weight reduction and aerodynamics. To do this, you will have to rethink the corporate identity a little, but you should not expect drastic changes.

There are no details on Bentley’s first electric crossover yet, but it will likely debut after the plug-in hybrids Flying Spur (due out in 2021) and Continental GT (no exact release date yet). Presumably, this will happen in 2025. In another five years, the company will only produce electric vehicles. Not even hybrids will remain.

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