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Best Gaming Keyboards in 2021: ($10 to $200)

Often gamers wonder about the choice of a good keyboard for games, which would please for a long time comfort, quality, and convenience. But, of course, not always and not all manage to choose the best option on their own – yet on the market a huge number of manufacturers and models, parameters and characteristics, which is worth paying attention to. I decided to simplify the task by selecting the best keyboards for a certain budget so that the potential buyer could evaluate their budget and then choose the model that he likes the most.

1. Dialog KGK-15U

The developers of this keyboard decided to keep all 104 keys, which are considered classic, while making the model extremely compact. For the sake of this side around, the keys banal removed so that the gadget takes on the table relatively little space. Also, the keyboard boasts backlights (though the only substrate under the keycaps), quality plastic, and a sturdy cable. And, of course, it is a membrane keyboard, which quite copes with the task for their money. Naturally, it is impossible to get mechanics at this budget, and it is not necessary – it is better a good “membrane” than a bad “mechanics.”

2. SVEN Standard 301

For gamers who want to get an affordable model of the game keyboard, and at the same time, want it to look like a mechanical, there is SVEN Standard 301. The manufacturer uses a high-quality, classic 104-key layout, durable cable, and medium-quality plastic, so playing on such a device will be very comfortable. However, it is worth understanding that the lights (both substrate and symbols) are not here – instead used stickers with symbols. However, in a certain sense, it is even a plus, as this solution boasts a decent lifespan.

3. Defender UltraMate SM-530

Many users, including gamers, prefer a low profile of keycaps – it allows you to press the button faster, and in some scenarios, it is banally more comfortable and quieter. And the Model Defender UltraMate SM-530 this advantage provides to the full – the membrane keyboard is extremely quiet, it has keys on the length of the course completely copy “noutbut.” Still, there is no illumination, and materials are simple enough. However, for a keyboard from the segment up to $10, which can be advised to gamers, these are inconsequential flaws.

4. Ritmix RKB-500B

Very convenient, in all respects, option for gamers who do not want to spend too much money on the purchase of a keyboard but want to get a quality product for a comfortable game. There is a 4-zone illumination, which allows you to find the right buttons in the dark (it can not be set up), there is often no unnecessary digital block in the right part of the case, but there is a strong cable, good plastic, and keycaps, which are not erased after a year or two of active use. For a model that is positioned as highly accessible, the list of benefits is more than worthy.

5. Genius Scorpion K215

The designers of this keyboard decided that the user has plenty of space on the desktop, so you can afford to expand the case and add as many additional keys as you need. Several multimedia buttons are placed at the top of the keyboard, with the model equipped with beautiful backlighting and WASD and arrow keys equipped with a different type of keycaps made of more durable plastic. This ensures that the gamer quickly found the right keys with his fingers, and the paint on them will be erased much longer, which is also a plus. Really cool option if there is enough space on the table.

6. OKLICK 700G Dynasty

Actually, OKLICK 700G Dynasty with the previous model is very similar – the company’s designers provide several additional keys to control the multimedia functions of the system, and the sides around the main unit are also impressive. This makes it more comfortable to place brushes without the use of additional stands. Moreover, there is an illumination of the substrate and symbols on the keys and additional decorative elements on the body of the product. Add to the arsenal of high-quality thick cable, and get a worthy contender in this category.

7. SVEN KB-G7400

Many users believe that the digital block located on the right side of the keyboard they do not need – it only takes place on the desktop. And SVEN KB-G7400 solves this problem perfectly – the model is made in the form factor TKL without an accounting unit, providing more space for the mouse on the table. And this membrane keyboard has RGB lighting, which, however, can not be customized. A great option for fans of “shortened” keyboards, who at the same time want quiet work for adequate money.

8. Redragon Dyaus RU Black

Redragon Dyaus has another advantage – it also does not allow you to adjust the backlight zones and everything in this direction. Still, the user will have seven variants of glow at once. Moreover, if usually, the keyboards illuminate only symbols, then the illumination extends to the edging of the keyboard, which also glows in the dark with the chosen color. For fans to play at night – the perfect bonus. In addition, the manufacturer has implemented additional multimedia buttons on several F1-12 keys, providing the ability to comfortably switch tracks, turn down the volume or turn off the sound.

9. Gembird KB-G540L

Obviously, in this category of prices, to get mechanics is almost unrealistic – most manufacturers rely on membrane models. But the Gembird KB-G540L provides an opportunity to try the benefits of mechanical switches (Outemu Blue) for quite reasonable money. Yes, it’s a Chinese copy of Cherry MX, which loses as an assembly, but on the other hand, as the first “mechanics” or as an opportunity to touch something new for a little money – an excellent option. Also, the body is shortened without an unnecessary block – what could be better?

10. Canyon CND-SKB6-RU Black

The classic game-based keyboard is a complete set of 104 keys, with a small ledge on the front, replacing the brush stand, RGB key lighting, and a bright orange insert. You can set up the backlight of the keyboard, but not on every single key – the user can choose the effect and brightness. Also, the manufacturer should be praised for the massive metal panel and good rubberized legs- coasters – thanks to these two components, the keyboard on the table do not work at all, in the hands feels firm and unshakable.

11. Redragon USAS Black

This keyboard is just perfect for gamers who prefer shooters and adoring extra space for mouse maneuvers. The keyboard is made in the form factor TKL, that is, without an additional digital block in the right part, and, accordingly, for the mat with the mouse remains a sea of space. In addition, Redragon USAS is a mechanical keyboard (Chinese Outemu Blue – a copy of Cherry MX Blue) with bright RGB-backlighting and daring body design. Thanks to the minimum frames, it takes up very little space on the table. The perfect solution in case every inch is up in gold.

12. HARPER Gaming GKB-P100 Black

A similar form factor is made, and this mechanical keyboard, only designers HARPER decided that it is worth giving preference to an even stricter style. As a result, the model boasts almost imperceptible frames, the absence of any additional rows of keys, as well as the flexible setting of lighting effects and rough coating of keycaps. Naturally, you won’t get advanced keyboard customization software in this segment, so you can’t work with the brightness, effects, and type of backlighting directly on the keyboard itself. But since it is not a flagship, such a small thing can be forgiven.

13. HP Gaming Keyboard 800 5JS06AA Black

Although HP is more associated with the corporate sector, the manufacturer is also present in the gaming periphery market – this keyboard is a prime example of this. It is based on mechanical switches and is equipped with four-zone lighting, a fairly strong base and body, high-quality plastic keycaps, and a thick cable connection. And the model is equipped with a separate 3.5 mm separation to connect the headset and volume keys and comes with a stand for brushes – so your hands will get tired much less.

14. Logitech G G413 Silver

The model is made in a classic design of the case – 104 keys, nothing superfluous, no additional panels, switches, or stands under the brush (the latter – not an advantage). At the same time, the manufacturer decided to use its branded mechanical switches Romer-G, which are pleasantly felt under the fingers, do not make noise, do not click, and have a decent resource to work on failure – declared 70 million clicks. This is enough to fight for ten years in virtual worlds with the necessary comfort level, and the metal plate provides the strength of construction.

15. Razer Cynosa V2 Black

An exciting membrane keyboard boasts individual key lighting, tranquil work, high-quality materials, and a separate unit for media management. And if the keys switching tracks are not always useful (not supported by all programs), the ability to turn off the sound or increase the volume – a very nice bonus. And, of course, supported branded software from Razer, you can turn on the game mode, so that did not trigger the win key, and thanks to wired connection no problems with the delay of input gamer will not feel.

16. Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

The developers of this keyboard decided to create the perfect product for the gamer, who is not eager to compromise. Naturally, the model is mechanical – the Razer Opto-Mechanical optical switches are used to provide instant clicking – faster than conventional mechanical counterparts. There is also light with the ability to adjust. There is proprietary keyboard software, a sturdy body, expensive materials, and rubberized legs to change the device’s angle. There’s also a built-in memory – the user’s settings will stay with it anywhere in the world.

17. Logitech G Pro

This keyboard is based on the Romer-G mechanical switches developed by Logitech. They also provide instant click registration, boast a significant resource of development on failure, are great for game tasks and anything else. The keyboard itself is shortened, without a digital block, has full RGB lighting with the ability to customize individual zones and keys, effects, brightness, and so on. There is proprietary software to set up profiles, write macros, work with effects – all this is recorded in the memory of the keyboard and stored there.

18. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

Simultaneously, the keyboard made a lot of noise, as many eSports players, playing shooters, switched to this model – it is compact, it disconnects cable, which is extremely convenient. At the same time, the build quality is excellent, there is software to adjust the desired parameters, the body is shortened, and the frame is assembled from durable materials. Of course, there are mechanical switches inside, in this case, Cherry MX Red, which boasts easy to press, instant check-in, long lifespan, and reliability. A worthy option for connoisseurs of shooters and mobility.

19. ASUS ROG Strix Scope

To notice the bright feature of this keyboard, it is worth looking at it at an angle of 30 degrees – the designers of the gadget decided to place on the front face of the keycaps additional symbols. For example, several F1-12 keys are replaced by multimedia features, but the front line of the F1-12 designation remains. Also, the manufacturer came up with a few additional buttons responsible for macros, Win key outages, and so on. At the same time, the model is assembled on high-quality rog RX Red mechanical switches created in ASIS. There is a bright RGB backlight, branded software, a rather strong frame, and cable.

20. Razer BlackWidow Elite Green Switch

The keyboard in the classic version attracts attention with Razer’s signature switches, which instantly register the click, have a lifespan of 80 million clicks, and there is a flexible RGB and its own software to customize the device. And multimedia keys are displayed in a separate block at the top right of the case. There is even a stylish key to turn off the sound and the volume-setting wheel. What’s more, the sidebar is a connector to connect the headphones and an additional USB port.

21. Cooler Master MK850

It is worth noting at once that it is a large enough keyboard – along with the handstand, which comes in the set, the model takes up a decent space. On the other hand, thanks to rubberized legs, weight, and dimensions, the model does not slide on the table during games. Naturally, no one prevents you from removing the stand to get a more compact version. There is also a backlight that can be tuned flexibly, there are additional multimedia keys to switch tracks, and the basis is the Cherry MX Red switches. And, most pleasantly, the cable here can be disconnected.

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