5 best GBA emulators for Windows in 2021

Play Pokemon Emerald it is the kind of absolute amusement one looks for amid the difficulties of everyday life. Being a 90’s kid , I grew up playing games that are now considered vintage classics. There are many of them, such as Mario, Contra, Sonic, Legends of Zelda, Aladin, Pokemon Crystal, and hundreds more. These games were available on different consoles back then. But now, we can play all this on our Windows 10 computer. Different types of emulators made this possible. In this post, we will present you the list of the 10 best GBA emulators for Windows 10.

We already present you the best NES emulators and Dreamcast emulators .

5 best GBA emulators for PC

Gameboy It was a dream console come true for Nintendo . When it was launched in 1989 , skyrocketed to success and popularity very soon. It became the best-selling portable device of all time. All of this happened because of the amazing games that were available on it. There are many people who still want to play those classic GBA games.

If you are one of them, you just need a PC, a GBA ROM file, and a good GBA emulator. This list will help you decide which emulator to choose. Let’s start our list of the best GBA emulators .

1. Visual Boy Advance (VBA-M)

Visual Boy Advance, popularly known as VBA, it is one of the first fully functional GBA emulators available. Is completely free to use. You may have already known about VBA. On 2004 , the developer gave up on VBA. Since then, many other versions of the VBA emulator are developed by different developers. VBA-M It is the latest version and the best option to enjoy GBA games on your PC. It also inducted some great new features to this emulator to make it even better.

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VBA-M is fully compatible with all ROMs from GameBoy (GB) , GameBoy Color (GBC) and GameBoy Advance (GBA) . It has a function of save status complete, and you can also speed up your game if you like. This feature is very useful when grind the levels of your Pokémon team . It is also possible to export all the saved files and play them in other emulators. Support function Joystick lets you enjoy all the classic games with one joystick. The mode of screen Full will stretch all your games to full screen, but will pixelate graphics due to the smaller screen size of the original consoles.

Download Visual Boy Advance (VBA-M) from here.

2. No $ GBA

No $ GBA is another big name on our top 5 GBA emulators list. It is also known as No Cash GBA emulator . The best part about using No $ GBA is that supports multiplayer games, as it can connect with other No $ GBA emulators. This is done by imitating the GBA link connectivity , so you can connect with other players in two ways: 1) Internet or, 2) Local network. This is especially very useful for trade pokemon and fight with other trainers in the pokemon GBA games.

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Another great thing is that No $ GBA also works as a nintendo ds emulator . NDS emulators that work well and are free are very difficult to find. This emulator is exactly what you need when you want to relive the old days by playing GBA and NDS games.

Download No $ GBA from here.

3. BatGBA

BatGBA is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and free GBA emulator. It earned a spot on our top 5 GBA emulators list primarily for its simplicity . Supports all GBA ROMs commercial and non-commercial . BatGBA is one of the older GBA emulators, but it still works just as well as it did back then. Game emulation is pretty good, with no lag or frame drops. So, you can have fun playing the classic games on your computer with console quality.

One thing to remember when using BatGBA is that you will need a BIOS file original to run most games accurately. BIOS files are easily available on the Internet with a little bit of Google .

Download BatGBA from here.

4. Advanced Boycott

BoycottAdvance is another very easy and simple to use GBA emulator. Many lists on the internet describe it as one of the best GBA emulators available. After trying, you will agree to this. This emulator also needs files from BIOS to run all commercial and personal GBA ROMs on your computer.

BoycottAdvance offers a full sound emulation to give you the best experience while playing your favorite GBA games. The function of save / load state it is also present to save and load your games in any state whenever you want. This way you will never lose your progress in any game. It even supports Joystick , so you can experience the original feeling of the GameBoy console.

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The best part is that Boycott Advance Online is a Java applet that works online in your browser. This means that you can play your beloved GBA games without having to download anything.

Download BoycottAdvance from here.

5. RascalBoy Advance

RascalBoy Advance It is one more entry in our list of the 5 best GBA emulators. It is an easy-to-use GBA emulator that has simple operation along with the multiplayer plugin . The multiplayer game feature in a simple interface makes this emulator one of the best.

It is compatible with connecting to 4 different RascalBoy emulators together online for an amazing multiplayer experience in various GBA games. This emulator runs almost all commercial GBA games without any problem. RascalBoy Advance does what it promises, enjoy GBA classics with your friends without problems.

Download RascalBoy Advance from here.


Playing Gameboy games is nothing short of pleasure. I find them even more exotic than modern games.

If you feel the same, these were the 10 best GBA emulators for Windows . Just download them, get your favorite ROMs, and start playing classic GBA games. For any questions, doubts or suggestions, do not hesitate to visit the box comments . I hope you liked the list.

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