Can’t sign in to Windows 10 after Windows update (Solved)

This is a problem that I have experienced myself after applying a recent Windows update on my Acer and Asus laptops. When the computer starts to the login screen, I cannot log into Windows 10 after the update.

What actually happened was that every time I try to log into Windows 10 at the login screen, it returns to the login screen as if nothing happened. No matter what login method I used, be it password or PIN, fingerprint login or facial recognition, it would only update the Windows 10 login screen.

If you are also unable to log into Windows 10 after the update and you have the same symptom as mine, here is what I did to resolve the issue.

Solution: Can’t log in to Windows 10 after Windows update

Temporary boot into safe mode

This is what solved my problem, but not for long. The problem hit me again on my next reboot on the laptop. Well, you can give it a try first and see if it allows you to log into your Windows 10 now.

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The trick here is to temporarily start your Windows 10 in safe mode. Then reboot and boot again in normal mode. It should allow you to log into your Windows 10 after doing so.

To boot into Windows 10 safe mode, on the Windows 10 login screen, click the button from switched on in the lower right corner of the screen. While holding down the key Shift , click on Restart .

On the boot settings screen, press 4 on your keyboard to select enable safe mode on next reboot.

Log in to safe mode as you would in normal mode. Restart the computer again. No I know can solve the problem of login to Windows 10 after upgrade .

If you can’t find the power button from the Windows 10 login screen, read this: How to enter safe mode in Windows 10 if your Windows is corrupted.

Add another account using command prompt

You can also try adding another account for your Windows 10 and logging into that account. Since we cannot access Windows 10 in the first place, we will have to add the new account via the command prompt. To access the command prompt, we will need to boot into safe mode with the command prompt.

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Follow the steps above to open the Startup Settings screen. Instead of pressing 4, this time you must press 6 to enter the Secure mode with system symbol . When your system reboots to the command prompt, enter the following commands to create a new account for your Windows 10.

Restart your computer and try to log into the newly created account. If you can’t log into Windows 10 after the update problem persists, read the next solution.

Roll back or restore your Windows 10

As I mentioned above, booting in temporary safe mode does not fix the unable to log into Windows 10 after problem of shape update permanent. It came back on my next reboot. So what I did was restore my Windows 10 to an earlier date. Since the problem is obviously caused by the recent Windows update, I would wait until the update stabilizes before reinstalling it.

If the Windows update is important, you can roll back through the Windows recovery environment. Click here to learn how to roll back Windows 10 upgrade to a previous version.

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If rollback is not listed as an option, perform a system restore if you have a previously saved restore point, or by using a recovery drive. Go here for information on how to restore Windows 10 system to an earlier date.

If both options are out of the question, the only option left is to reset your Windows 10. Click here to learn more about how to reset Windows 10 to factory settings.

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