After two years of relative silence (if you don’t consider the periodic leaks of information to the network), the From Software studio nevertheless presented a gameplay trailer for their new project – Elden Ring, at the Summer Games Fest. And although the game is called a name that differs from Souls projects, the network has already dubbed it Big Dark Souls. The thing is that the developers decided not to give up what they are good at, so battles with huge monsters, extremely dark locations, and character leveling literally migrated from the more famous From Software franchise.

Not so much was told about the storyline, and even extremely vague – in the trailer, gamers were told about some “faded” who will soon return according to the girl in the hood. It is with them, apparently, that the main character needs to fight. More about the storyline will be told in the foreseeable future, but quite interesting information was told about the gameplay. For example, a horse has become an important element of the gameplay, which the character can call for travel or for striking at speed. These battles look very fresh and unusual, and it will be much more comfortable to move on a horse than on foot.

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Another innovation of Elden Ring is a huge open-world available for research without interruptions for loading locations. The developers assure that the seamless loading of territories will allow a completely different look at the process of studying the virtual world. And the combat system has improved significantly – there will be a lot of weapons, there is also magic, special techniques, and so on. And, of course, there were also huge bosses the size of a nine-story building – there are plenty of them here, for every taste and color.

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