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Chrome for Android introduces a scrollable SERP: how to enable it

In the fresh stable version of Chrome for Android (91.0.4472.120), an option has worked that creates a ribbon menu in the browser from the results of Google search results with buttons for quickly switching between sites. The option is disabled by default and is not yet ready for mass launch, but it can be activated manually.

Judging by the official description, the Continuous Search Navigation function caches sites from the search results (apparently, only in Google) and moves these saved pages to a special ribbon menu below the search bar – web pages are displayed as scrolling buttons between which you can quickly switch. This option is handy for an in-depth search of the required information when the user is not limited to one site. There is a button “G” on the left to return to the search results and to close unnecessary tabs – a standard “cross” on the right.

To activate this feature, you need to update Chrome to the latest version (at least 91.0.4472.120), enter chrome: // flags, and through the search, find the item Continuous Search Navigation – it must be activated by selecting the value Enabled… Next, the browser needs to be restarted.

For the journalists of 9To5Google, the innovation looks neat (an example in the video above), but for the author of this news and his colleagues, the result is less beautiful – obviously, the option is still being tested.

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