Chrome Now Adjusts to Wallpaper Color in Android 12: How It Looks

One of the main innovations in Android 12 is the responsive Monet theme – system elements and applications can adjust their accent and main colors to match the wallpaper on your smartphone. So far, very few applications, even branded from Google, support this option. Still, Chrome has added to their list – however, at the moment, only as a Canary build (alpha version) with index 93.

To activate the responsive Monet theme, you need to download the latest version of Chrome Canary on your Android 12 device and activate two flags: chrome: // flags # dynamic-color-android and chrome: // flags # theme-refactor-android… The changes will take effect after restarting the browser.

The changing color palette of the application is noticeable in many elements: in the header of the settings menu and switches, in the frame of tabs, in the color of the text highlighting in the address bar. However, it is not for nothing that the option appeared only in the Canary build – it is not yet fully ready. For example, regular text on websites is still highlighted in blue. The stable version of Chrome 93 is expected to be released in August when the developers are likely to finalize the responsive Monet theme.

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