Chrome or Firefox keeps opening new virus tabs on its own (Fix)

So this is what happened to one of our clients seeking our help for the problem where their two main browsers – Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox keep opening new tabs right after clicking on a link. These spam tabs seem to open randomly after opening some new tabs or clicking some links. They are tabs that you never intend to open, which are usually full of ads like gambling and adult content ads.

If that is what you are experiencing right now, your computer has most likely been infected by a virus or adware malware. Here is what you can do to fix the problem.

Chrome or Firefox keeps opening new virus tabs

What we have tried

The user runs Panda Antivirus on their Windows 10 PC and cannot detect the virus or malware after performing a full scan. Tried reinstalling Chrome and Firefox but to no avail. He had also tried using Malwarebytes but nothing was found.

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What really solved the problem

When the computer was shipped to us, we tested almost all major antivirus programs to see if any could detect adware. Fortunately, only Kaspersky antivirus can identify the problematic software, which is an extension that our client used in his Firefox browser called Easy YouTube MP3 .

After removing the add-on, Chrome or Firefox keeps opening the new tabs virus problem is gone.

Try Kaspersky Free Antivirus

So if you have the same problem now, we recommend that you try using Kaspersky Free Antivirus to check if your PC has viruses or malware that is causing the problem. Also, check if you have this extension or plugin called Easy YouTube MP3 or similar in your Chrome or Firefox. Delete them and see if the problem is fixed.

Remove problematic browser add-ons

If you don’t have the mentioned extension, since this problem it is probably caused by a plugin , complement or extension of the browser that you have previously installed, try remove suspicious extensions or add-ons or try to remove them temporarily. and see if it solves the problem Firefox or Chrome keeps opening new virus tabs.

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To remove add-ons in Firefox, click on the triple bar icon and then select Accessories . From there you can remove any plugins by simply clicking the button Remove .

To remove extensions in Chrome, click on the three dots icon. Please select More tools , later Extensions .

Firefox or Chrome keep opening new tab issues – other tips

In addition to adware or viruses that would keep opening new tabs to show you ads in Chrome or Firefox, some extensions may have other harmful elements such as a hidden miner that will use your graphics card resources to mine cryptocurrencies for whoever created the malware without your consent. . Try to use only the popular plugin extensions and stay away from the rare ones.

The reason why some antivirus programs cannot detect the virus is because the virus or malware is still very new. It takes time for an antivirus to include a new virus found in its database. So the point is that in addition to relying only on antivirus programs to protect our PC, we ourselves will also have to be aware of the things that we install and use on our computers. We’d better stay away from things that might look suspicious and decide whether it’s worth the risk of using recently developed and little-used software.

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