Close 1 app and close in Windows 10 (Fix)

Have you tried shutting down your PC only to find it stuck on a screen that says “Close 1 app and shut down” every time? This article explains what it means and how to fix the problem.

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Close 1 application and close Windows 10

What does that mean?

The message basically means that Windows 10 is trying to close 1 or x number of applications or programs that you have run before closing it, before it closes itself.

Normally, this particular process should be done only if you can successfully close said application. Otherwise you will get stuck on the screen until you click the Shut down button anyway. In some cases, if Windows 10 doesn’t pass this screen, it will jump straight to your desktop as if nothing happened.

So the problem lies in the problematic application or program that Windows cannot close and terminate. It is this application that prevents Windows from closing.

How to solve the problem?

The solution is quite simple: fix or remove the program or application that is preventing Windows from closing.

When the screen of Close application 1 and Shut down You should see the application icon with a message saying “This application is preventing closure.” This can happen in two different scenarios:

  • Windows may display the application icon that prevents shutdown.
  • Windows does not display the icon for the problematic application. But instead it shows a blank icon that sometimes appears as a task host window with little to no information on which application was that Windows cannot close.

You know which application is preventing it from closing

If it is the above situation, just make sure to close the application completely before clicking Shut Down in Windows 10. If the problem persists, you can decide what to do with the problematic application, either to remove it or consult the program. to see what keeps it from closing and what you can do about it.

Close 1 application and close the screen shows the task host window or no icon

If it is in the latter where a blank application icon or task host window is displayed, which you have no idea which application or program is causing the problem The only way is to check the Event Log in Windows 10. You can find detailed information of what was the last application that Windows cannot close with its .exe name. Here’s how to view it in the Event Log in Windows 10.

  1. Go to the start menu in Windows 10.
  2. Look for the Events viewer / Event log and open it.
  3. In the left pane, expand Windows logs and click App .
  4. In the information list, find the “information” that matches the date and time when you last viewed the Close 1 application and closed the screen, with Winsrv What Source .
  5. Double-click on it and you should be able to see the name of the application or program that Windows cannot close on its last shutdown attempt.

Now that you have the exe name of the application that causes all the problems, you can decide whether you want to remove it or manually close the application each time before shutting down your PC.

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