Convert MBR to GPT During Windows 10 Installation

A Windows system uses a Master Boot Record (MBR) or GUID Partition Table (GPT) depending on the life, operating system, and firmware of the system. Sometimes it is necessary to switch between MBR and GPT, although to do this you need to clean the drive first. Applying traditional mechanisms like Windows Disk Management and Command Prompt causes permanent data loss if you haven’t done a backup, that’s obvious. This article will show you ways to convert MBR to GPT without data loss and indeed during Windows 10 installation.

MBR only allows you to build four primary partitions. But you can avoid this condition by using logical partitions. That means it can generate three primary partitions, and also one large partition. Within this extended partition, you can also have logical partitions.

However, there are now two mechanisms that you can safely use to change your partition table without facing any data loss. The best part is that it is extremely easy and absolutely free.

How to Convert MBR to GPT (During Windows Installation)

Let’s take a look at how to easily convert MBR disk to GPT and most importantly without losing your data trunk.

Method 1: Using MBR2GPT Tool to Convert MBR Disk to GPT Without Data Loss

This method is really easy and it will help you convert MBR to GPT without losing data.

  1. Check your disk number. Select Disk Management in Computer Management and find the disk you want to convert. Right-click on the disk number, select Properties, and open the Volume. Check if the current partition type is MBR.
  2. Press Windows + X, then select Command Prompt from the menu.
  3. Now, check the disk you need to convert. Scribe mbr2gpt / validate / disk: [ingrese su número de disco aquí] / allowFullOS
  4. Scribe mbr2gpt / convert / disk: [ingrese su número de disco aquí] / allowFullOS and press Enter to start the conversion.
  5. Change your firmware to boot in UEFI mode. After rebooting the system, press the BIOS / UEFI enter key.
  6. Change the boot type to UEFI mode.
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That’s it. The conversion is done.

Method 2: use EaseUS partition software to convert MBR to GPT without data loss

If the above method is tricky, then there is a tool for you.

  1. Buy EaseUS Partition software, download and install it from the official website. If you want to convert only one unit, try the trial version.
  2. Open EaseUS Partition Master and wait for the drives to load. Find the unit you need to convert. Select the drive, right-click and select Convert MBR to GPT to continue.
  3. Press the Apply button on the toolbar. Pressing apply, the system will reboot. You will arrive at an EaseUS Partition Master operation screen showing the conversion process taking place.
  4. Change your firmware to boot in UEFI mode. After rebooting the system, press the BIOS / UEFI enter key. Change the boot type to UEFI mode.

Method 3: Convert Without Data Loss Using Diskpart

This method can even be used when installing Windows. You need to backup all your data and then use DISKPART command for data loss.

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  1. Open command prompt to type DISKPART and press Enter
  2. Then write the disk from the list after noting down the number of the disk you want to convert from MBR to GPT
  3. Then write the disk number in Select disk
  4. Finally, type convert gpt.

This will clean the disk and the data will be lost.

Method 4: Convert MBR to GPT without Data Loss Using Gptgen

You can convert MBR to GPT using a command line utility called gptgen. Gptgen is a tool designed to non-destructively convert common partitioned hard drives.

The syntax of the tool is gptgen [-w] . PhysicaldriveX, where X is the drive number reported by the disk management console. Then you can use dd to write the tables to disk.

Method 5: convert disk type without losing data with partition Assistant

Now the free version of Partition Assistant does not support converting MBR to GPT.

  1. Choose the disk to convert
  2. Right click on the disk and select Convert to GPT / MBR Disk
  3. Check your operation by clicking OK to continue
  4. Click the Apply button on the toolbar to make the changes.
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Method 6: a video explaining the process

If it still doesn’t help, here are some videos showing each process in detail. Just follow this video and you can convert MBR to GPT for free.

Final verdict

Hence, we have given 6 ways by which you can convert MBR to GPT. Normally a normal PC user would not need to do this, however if it is something that is needed, you don’t have to worry. Just follow our given methods and you can easily convert during Windows installation. If data is important, be sure to follow the methods showing how to convert MBR to GPT without data loss.

Hope the article helps.

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