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Diablo IV open beta test has begun, but not everyone is allowed to play: Blizzard can’t cope

Last night, March 17th, Activision Blizzard officially launched the closed beta testing of the highly anticipated Diablo IV video game. It should be noted right away that only those gamers who pre-ordered, as well as as part of an advertising campaign that took place in the United States with the support of a partnership agreement between Blizzard and KFC, received access to the beta test. Unfortunately, the developers failed to properly set up testing of the project – literally at the time of the launch of the RPG project servers, a whole sea of ​​various complaints from fans about the technical component of the novelty appeared on the network.

For example, gamers quite often complain about “crashes” – the game can spontaneously close at any time, while the audience could not determine any obvious reasons for this. Also on the Reddit forum, some users complain that the game client is simply buggy, shows sharp FPS drawdowns in certain locations and not only. But all this is just the tip of the iceberg, because in fact the Diablo IV video game has a huge problem with connecting to the project’s online services. Gamers who have paid to pre-order Diablo IV are forced to queue for hours in a digital queue to gain access to the beta test.

Probably Blizzard has not allocated enough capacity for the closed beta testing of the video game, so it is very difficult to connect to the servers. The company has already confirmed that there is a problem and they are trying to solve it, but at the same time, in an official statement, the publisher advised gamers to simply wait in line and not try to restart the client, since the queue will be updated in this case and you will have to wait again. But that’s not all – in the official message, the project developers noted that the countdown in the client, which notifies about the possibility of getting to the server, displays incorrect information, so in fact, the waiting time for your turn can be much longer.

Considering that the Diablo IV gameplay itself raises a lot of questions from the audience, the reaction of fans of the franchise turned out to be very predictable – on the Internet, gamers speak rather unflatteringly about Blizzard. And the problem is not only in the technical component of the video game, but also in the fact that initially the audience was promised that only those who pre-ordered (costs about $ 70) would get access to the beta test, but in the end, access was also given to those who simply bought a sandwich at KFC, the cost of which does not exceed a couple of dollars. As a result, true fans are standing in line because of the strange PR campaign and the excessive influx of people who want to appreciate Diablo IV.

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