Disk Cleanup Stuck While Calculating Mixed Reality in Windows 10

This issue is addressed when you click the button Clean system files in utility Liberator of space in disk In Windows 10, the tool gets stuck in a specific process called Mixed reality calculation and finally it locks as if it had never been opened. This is what you can try to do to fix the stuck disk cleanup problem in Windows 10.

Disk cleanup stuck when calculating mixed reality

Use storage sense instead

For a quick fix, we recommend using Storage Sense (a tool built into Windows 10) to clean your disks, instead of trying to repair the old disk cleaning tool. Storage sense is the new replacement for Disk Cleanup in modern Windows. In fact, Microsoft will soon remove the old disk cleanup tool to push people to use the new Storage Sense app.

Storage Sense can be accessed from the Settings application in Windows 10. You can access it by first going to the start menu, search for and open the application Setting . In the Windows Settings window, select System . In the left pane, select Storage to access the Storage Sense application.

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To clean your discs in a general way, click on the link Free up space now on Storage detection . In the next window, the options and selectable items look a lot like the old disk cleanup tool. You should also see the process of scan: Mixed reality , which is to blame for the problem we found in the Disk Cleanup tool. But this time in Storage Sense, it will go through the process and work accordingly.

To continue cleaning your disks, select the items you want to remove and then click Delete files to permanently delete them.

If you have multiple hard drives on different partitions, to clean an individual drive, you can select the individual drive from the Storage app by left-clicking on the drive in Local storage .

On the next screen, you can select the component you want to clean, for example, Temporary files simply by clicking on it.

Then it will look for elements and components that it can remove. Once uploaded, you can select the things you want to remove and click Delete files to remove them.

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How to fix stuck disk cleanup in mixed reality

If you insist on repairing the old disk cleaning tool, this is what you can do. Since Disk Cleanup is a system tool in Windows, if it is corrupted, run SFC (System File Checker) and DISM ( Image Management and Deployment Services) at the command prompt you can fix it.

To run the commands, go to the start menu and search Symbol of the system or CMD . Right click and then select Execute as an administrator (important). At the elevated command prompt, enter the following command.

sfc / scannow

This command will automatically find and repair missing and corrupted system files, including the Disk Cleanup tool. The scan may take a while. When the scan is complete, try running the Disk Cleanup tool again to see if it still gets stuck in the Mixed Reality Calculation process.

If the problem persists, open an elevated command prompt again and run the following command.

Dism / En lĂ­nea / Imagen de limpieza / RestoreHealth

The DISM command will automatically update the files and correct the services problems for the Windows image when it runs. You may be able to fix stuck disk cleanup by calculating mixed reality problem.

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