Loki really surprised me. It turned out to be much more ambitious than other new series of the Marvel studio: “WandaVision,” as well as “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” The main theme revealed by the new picture, stretched over six episodes, is time travel. After stealing the Tesseract during the Avengers: Endgame movie, the protagonist moves to another dimension and creates a new spatial offshoot. In the future, the picture tells about the branches of the multiverse and the organization trying to control them. This is just one of the few paradoxes of time travel in the film industry.

The Butterfly Effect (2004) – the paradox of disappointed expectations

  • Film Search: 8.2.
  • IMDb: 7.6.

The term “Butterfly Effect” is used to describe minor phenomena that can have large consequences. Conventionally, when a butterfly flaps its wing at one end of the world, a hurricane may begin at the other. Actually, the film itself tells about it. At its center is Evan Treborn. Since childhood, he has suffered from memory lapses that occur in extreme situations. As a result, it turns out that the hero knows how to move in time – he finds himself in these moments to correct what happened. However, nothing good, except for disappointed expectations, turns out. Actually, this is what the next paradox of time travel is based on.

Predestnation Internationl (2014) – the paradox of pulling yourself out by the hair

  • Film Search: 6.9.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

A gripping drama with all the elements of success: a time travel agent, a thoughtful plot, and a noir aesthetic. The film is distinguished by a subtle philosophy and makes you think about your place in this world. The protagonist struggles to stop a terrorist with a mysterious past and future who threatens to destroy reality. The agent faces a long search for the criminal who mysteriously escapes. The picture tells about the paradox of pulling oneself by the hair, which shows how the hero from the present changes his life, being in the past.

Edge of the Future (2014) – Time Loop Paradox

  • Film Search: 7.9.
  • IMDb: 7.9.
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Do you like Loki?  10 movies about time travel paradoxes that are no worse

A fantastic thriller that tells about the war with aliens is demoted civilian officer Bill Cage at its center. He first enters the battlefield and dies very quickly due to a lack of preparation. But the blood of one of the opponents is shed on him. Because of her, he falls into a time loop – within the framework of this paradox, over and over again finds himself in yesterday, as soon as he dies. The repetition of the same events should help him deal with the guests that no one was expecting. Moreover, you will have to find allies and figure out how to get out of the time loop. All this won’t be easy to do.

“Looper” (2012) – the paradox of meeting with oneself

  • Film Search: 7.
  • IMDb: 7.4.

The events of this film take place in a sci-fi world in which time travel is quite real. However, they are illegal and only used on the black market. The world is so cruel that a person’s life is not considered something valuable. Anyone can be killed only because his actions in the past can interfere with a high-ranking person in the future. Some even deliberately send inconvenient residents several decades ago so that agents will permanently wipe them off the face of the earth. The main character of the picture, named Joe, embarks on a new mission but unexpectedly collides with himself – it is this paradox of time travel forms the basis of the plot.

“Tenet” (2020) – the paradox of the reverse flow of time

  • Film Search: 7.6.
  • IMDb: 7.4.

To save humanity, the protagonist of this picture, who is not called by name, will have to change his ideas about time and space. It turns out that the world is in incredible danger. But it is not in the present but the future. From there, a complex weapon based on inversion – the reverse flow of time – gets into modern times. This paradox of travel to the past, which formed the basis of the picture, makes it possible to see with our own eyes how events gradually rollback. The terrorist from Russia skillfully takes advantage of all this, threatening to destroy the usual idea of ​​the world around him.

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“Source Code” (2011) – the paradox of altered consciousness

  • Film Search: 7.8.
  • IMDb: 7.5.

Another non-trivial time travel movie tells the story of a soldier named Coulter. He mystically finds himself in the body of a man who died in a train accident, with his own consciousness – this is the basis of another paradox. The train accident was not accidental. There is a culprit. It is he who will have to find the main character, dying over and over again. There are only eight minutes for everything. At first, it seems that this time is extremely insufficient. However, an experienced soldier has no other choice. If you can’t find the culprit, you can’t change history. But what will happen after the successful completion of the task?

“Kate and Leopold” (2001) – the paradox of life in another time

  • Film Search: 7.6.
  • IMDb: 6.4.

This story is much more of a romantic comedy than a fantasy adventure. However, this does not prevent the picture from fully conveying another paradox – life in another time. The film’s main character, named Leo, moves from the past to the future – from 1876 to 2001. While he is looking for an opportunity to return, he strikes up a romantic relationship with Kate. Of course, he does not know how to behave in the present world, which is very different from the one long forgotten. Around this, a pleasant story unfolds, which can be watched in a family circle or a romantic atmosphere.

“Lake House” (2006) – the paradox of the connection of points in time

  • Film Search: 7.8.
  • IMDb: 6.8.

The paradox of the connection of points in time is based on the possibility of communication between people who are indifferent times – over an interval of several years. This picture tells about this, which is filled with a mass of romantic and tragic moments. The story begins with a mailbox near the lake house where Kate and Alex live at different times. It becomes the center of a time funnel connecting two times and making it possible to carry on correspondence over a distance of years. The romantic comedy genre inevitably hints at the emergence of a love affair between the main characters of the picture, who are looking forward to meeting each other.

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“Back to the Future” (1985) – the paradox of the murdered grandfather

  • Film Search: 8.6.
  • IMDb: 8.5.

The most famous time travel film. The iconic American motion picture in three parts is an all-time classic. ThMarty’s main characterants to see what his parents were like in high school, as he is currently disappointed in them. His father is a simple worker who constantly endures the ridicule of the boss, and his mother is addicted to alcohol. But did they dream about this in their youth? The time machine allows you to answer this question. Marty does no experiences the past and leaves his mark in it, which can prevent him from being born. This is called the paradox of the murdered grandfather, which formed the basis of the first part of the trilogy.

“Mr. Nobody” (2009) – the paradox of the branches of the multiverse

  • Film Search: 7.9.
  • IMDb: 7.8.

In the center of the storyline of the picture is the main character named Nemo. He is 118 years old, and he lives in the future when humanity invented immortality. But he did not want to take advantage of this benefit of civilization and end his existence in a natural way. It is interesting that in reality he does not remember his past at all. But it can be revealed to the doctor under the influence of hypnosis. The only thing is that Nemo’s life has not one option, but several at once. For some reason, he knows how his story would turn sideways if he made a certain decision. This fully reveals the paradox of the multiverse, which branches into an infinite number of worlds, in which all events differ in one form or another.

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