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Brawl Stars from Supercell is one of the most popular Android games these days. The game itself has long been released in Canada, to be more precise on June 15, 2017, but it got into the international release not so long ago – on December 12, 2018. The developer company, Supercell, known for its hits Clash of Clans, Hay Day and others, and from their new game expected about the same results, immediately after the release, the game quickly began to gain fans around the world. But is she as good as everyone thinks? You will learn about this in this article.


The plot of the Brawl Stars game is very simple – you play as one of many heroes with unique abilities. If we talk about the genre of this game, then it fluctuates between a team network shooter and the MOBA genre, but it is impossible to give a correct definition until the end, due to the large number of changing game modes.

  1. First, the mode offered to you is the capture of crystals, two teams of three people fight for the crystals that appear in the center of the map, the first team to collect and hold 10 crystals for 15 seconds will win.
  2. Second – collision, this is a simple survival, in which you need to collect enhancements from boxes, kill enemies, but to make it not so easy, from the very beginning of the game, fog slowly comes from all sides, killing all who entered.
  3. Third – Browball, a kind of copy of football, the goal of the regime is to score 2 goals to opponents.
  4. Fourth – a reward for catching, a simple TDM, that is, a team fight to the death, players must kill opponents and receive special stars for this, the team with more stars wins. The latest modes are events for tickets, in order to participate in them, you need to have a ticket that falls out of boxes or are sold in the store.
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In Brawl Stars, you control one of the fighters. Each fighter has his own unique abilities and skills. 3rd person view, that is, from above. The blue joystick in the lower left corner of the screen is used for movement. To attack, you use two joysticks, the first red is a normal attack, the second yellow is a super strike that charges when dealing damage to enemy fighters, an important feature is also a fast and accurate attack, when using a fast hero, he will quickly shoot at the enemy closest to you, when using the exact one you choose the place of the attack.

It is worth noting the presence on the maps, many bushes that hide your fighter, thanks to the thickets, you can go from the rear to the opponents or sit in ambush. Some heroes perform better than others in either mode, and because of this, the pace of the game is constantly changing. It is also worth noting that in any mode, almost every second the game keeps the player in suspense, this is what is an important aspect of the games of the team battle and MOBO genre. Despite the huge variety of content, the game, its menu and everything else remains very simple and straightforward, even a child can understand them.

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Graphics, sound, physics

The game requirements for your device are very simple, Brawl Stars will go to almost any smartphone of our time. The game is well worked out in detail, if a person sees at least one photo from Brawl Stars, then he will immediately understand what is at stake. It is made in very rich and bright colors, all the effects are performed wonderfully, in general, this game is pleasant to watch, and even more so to play. There is no particular nagging about the sound, since all the remarks of the fighters were recorded by real people, and all the sounds of explosions, etc. performed quite acceptable, the only thing that is a little annoying is the volume of Brawl Stars, it is a little louder than other games, so players just slightly lower the overall volume. The physics of this game is quite adequate, you can even find logic in it, the shells fly along a visible and understandable trajectory, and some characters can even destroy buildings.

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The main and only drawback of Brawl Stars is that the game is relatively new and players quickly collect most of the fighters and learn all the tactics of fighting them. Unlike another Supercell game – Clash Royle, where there are a huge number of tactics and strategies, Brawl Stars cannot boast of this, as a result of which players delete Brawl Stars.


As for donation, it absolutely does not affect the gameplay, it is suitable for those who do not want to wait long for a new fighter or want a new look for an existing character.


Download Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars – it is not in vain that it occupies the top line of the top games. It has been in development for a long time, so the game is thought out to the smallest detail in every respect. All the mechanics in it are convenient, and most importantly, they are really simple and do not require lengthy disassembly. Donat is not required at all, it does not affect the gameplay in any way, all the fighters can be obtained from the boxes, the only thing is to wait a little time. Brawl Stars is a game that can be recommended to absolutely everyone: from a child of 12 to an adult, it is fun, undemanding and, most importantly, simple in every sense. Everyone should try this game!

Download game Brawl Stars free for Android


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