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So what is Last day on Earth on Android? This is a free multiplayer MMORPG-strategy and shooter in Russian from the domestic developer, the studio “Kefir”. By the prefix to the name, it becomes clear that this is a “survival game”, where the player will need to make every effort to last as long as possible in a zombie apocalypse.



In 2027, an outbreak of an unknown viral infection wiped out most of the world’s population. People died … but then “returned” in hordes. Less than 10% of humanity survived – only those who had immunity. Another 5% died later, in violent clashes over food, water and ammunition.

Is it possible ??

Beginning of the game

The game starts with creating a character: you can choose gender, hair color, hairstyle, and also give a name (or play with a standard ID). After that, survival begins.

A small area of ​​forest, stone boulders, wild animals, a damaged house and an abandoned car – this place has to be turned into a fortress. First, you should search the pickup: there you can find a weapon for the first time and an old jacket, which will give a little protection. But in order to get resources you will have to try: a tree cannot be knocked down without an ax, a stone cannot be broken without a pickaxe … The most correct decision: first collect everything that is possible, namely, plant fibers (in fact, simple grass), sticks and small stones. That’s enough to make a backpack and your first tools.

Then it will be necessary to build a house – otherwise it will simply not be possible to leave the home location. Yes, at first it will look more like a brushwood hut, but then, if resources are available, the house can be strengthened to stone, or even to armor plates. In fact, this is a very important moment – every 24 hours the base is attacked by an elemental horde of the dead. It is almost impossible to fight off such a crowd without strong walls.

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Is it possible ??


The house is built, the character is “packed” with equipment – it’s time to take a walk around the neighborhood. You won’t be able to travel endlessly – the character is limited by the energy meter, which is spent on fast movement. Well, if you have nowhere to hurry, then you can walk and walk, which will take more time.

The global map is simple enough: resource locations, player bases and random events. Most likely, on the first exit to the “big world”, a passenger plane will fall nearby, in the wreckage of which you can find a large amount of resources: from excellent army equipment and small arms, to food, water, first-aid kits and crafting components. Be careful: the sound of the fall must have attracted a lot of the dead.

Here, random events include the locations “Humanitarian Aid”, “Bikers’ Halt” and “Trader” – all of them are available only for a while, so you need to have a little energy left in order to get to them.

Resource locations – everything is clear with them. There you can get stone, wood, animal skins and adventure. The main thing is to correctly assess the quality of the character’s equipment or the player’s skill. It is not recommended to “impudently” climb into the levels marked with a red “beacon” – they will sweep it away, but it makes sense to walk along the “green” ones (most of all for a beginner) or gently slip through the “yellow” ones. There you can find bags or boxes with useful items, “raise” experience on the hunt and get the resources necessary for crafting and improving the base.

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Well, if you want everything at once – then you can visit the “neighbors”. The main thing is to take more axes with you, they will come in handy for breaking down walls. Such walks through locations are pretty heavy on the backpack. So it’s time to get back to base.

Is it possible ??

Atmosphere of the game

The longer the world is explored, the more experience the character has. And each new level gives very important research points: they are needed to study new blueprints.

First of all, it is worth studying the schemes of the garden and the drainage basin (if not zombies, then hunger and thirst will finish off the hero). Crafting is quite simple – the necessary resources in the backpack, by pressing the button, are “transformed” into the desired item or building, which can later be placed on the base.
Every 5th character level brings a little more research points.

And of course, the level of the hero is directly related to the skills that bring the RPG component into the game, albeit quite simple: you can become a gatherer and collect a lot of resources at once; or a shooter capable of dealing more damage and withstanding the most painful bites / blows / bullet hits.

But, all the same, caution is necessary, regardless of equipment, skills or skill – death in this harsh world matters: after death, the character will lose everything that was in the backpack. You can, of course, come back and take your goods, but will it be so easy to do?

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Is it possible ??

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival

Of course, the game deserves the praise of Android users. Perfectly conveyed atmosphere, a huge number of in-game mechanics and addictive gameplay – all this is very exciting for the player.

The musical accompaniment of the game is made very high quality, it is this that creates, together with the gameplay, the very oppression of hopelessness and fear. If we evaluate the gameplay, then it is unique for this genre: there are hardly more than two projects that can provide such a number of mechanics for a third-person strategy.

On the technical side, however, it is a little more complicated – yes, the game is well optimized, yes, it has advanced graphics settings, but, nevertheless, this game is not suitable for every device. At least before downloading, you should pay attention to the amount of RAM of the device. Also, the game is not standalone – an internet connection is required for stable operation.

The next positive point is the constant support of the game by the developers in Russian. Updates are constantly being released that bring something new to the game, such as multiplayer, new locations and seasonal events.

But, it was not without its drawbacks: the game is very dependent on donation, and some in-game advantages (double experience, reduced energy recovery time, etc.) can be obtained only for a limited time and for watching ads.

Download game Last Day on Earth: Survival Android


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