Recently, Electronic Arts, a well-known company on the video game market, is increasingly giving the go-ahead for various experiments, which for the most part, turn out to be a successful venture. For example, A Way Out and It Takes Two are prime examples of how new franchises from smaller studios can explode the charts. And now another experiment called Knockout City is coming to the release on PC and consoles (both generations) – this is a multiplayer game with an emphasis on bright colors, casual gameplay, and entertainment, which has every chance of conquering gamers tired of complex, competitive projects without the right for a mistake.

The gameplay in Knockout City is based on bouncer balls, with which players must knock the enemy out of the map. To do this, you need to know the location well to throw the ball and knock out the enemy in the right place, because if the enemy does not fall, then the ball will go to him, and the player will instantly move from the camp of hunters to the rows of targets. At the same time, the locations are multi-level, with a large number of different subtleties and tricks, so there will be something to study. And the developers promise a lot of different balls to make the gameplay rich and not boring – this is really important for this genre.

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The game will also have flexible customization of the appearance of the characters – they look very noticeable in the standard version. Still, the player will be able to change the hero’s appearance in the future with the help of unique equipment, skins, and other cosmetic items. It is important to note that Electronic Arts promised not to oversaturate the project with donations, so it will probably be possible to collect cosmetic items without investing personal funds. And after the release, the game will be supported for years with fresh content – new balls, various maps, seasonal events, and other entertainment elements.

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