Microsoft Edge claims to be the fastest desktop browser. The software giant has been adding new features to Edge over the course of the year while improving browser performance and launch times. This allowed Microsoft to overtake its main competitor, Google Chrome.

“Microsoft Edge will be the fastest browser on Windows 10 when version 91 is released this week. Why can we say so? It’s simple: acceleration at startup and sleeping tabs, “- says the blog of the development team.

Microsoft first started rolling out its launch acceleration feature in Edge back in March this year. Back then, the company said it was cutting browser launch times by 41%. Earlier this year, there was another important feature designed to improve browser performance. It automatically frees up system resources for inactive tabs, which prevents the browser from filling up RAM and CPU resources in the background.

In addition, Microsoft is also testing a performance mode that helps optimize speed, response time, memory, processor, and battery usage. These improvements may vary depending on individual browser settings and user preferences.

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While hibernating tabs and faster launch are proprietary features of Edge, Microsoft has helped Google improve tab management in Chrome. The two companies have worked together on various basic Chromium improvements, and Microsoft itself has sent 5,300 commits to the project, which should benefit Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers.

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