The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX appears to be the new target of the well-known hacker group Anonymous, responsible for the largest data breaches in modern history and protests against censorship and copyright.

In a statement, the hackers claim that Elon Musk is using his position to manipulate the cryptocurrency market. His arrogant behavior has gone too far, especially about Bitcoin, which has recently been in a fever over Musk’s Twitter posts.

Anonymous accuses Musk of not adhering to what he preaches, although he expresses concern for the environment, and his Tesla company has refused to accept payments in cryptocurrency. All in all, the hacker group is making many accusations against his actions. The statement said that Musk suffers from a superiority complex, calling himself the “Emperor of Mars,” but in fact, through his constant trolling, harms the working class.

Previously, hackers from Anonymous disabled large corporations and municipalities’ computer systems and participated in various social movements.

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