Enthusiast made Linux apps run on Windows by default: Download OpenInWSL app

Today, July 19, on the open spaces of the Reddit forum, a user under the nickname Jazzlike-Draw-3634 published the news that he released the OpenInWSL application, which will significantly simplify the life of many PC users. This software allows you to use applications launched through the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) compatibility layer as default programs. Now, the user can force any application written under Linux to run files of a certain extension on Windows directly from Explorer at the click of a mouse without using additional batch files, custom code, and other subtleties.

Moreover, the developer has worked out his software to provide users with even more opportunities for comfortable work. For example, after installing OpenInWSL, an additional item “Open in WSL” will appear in the context menu – this is extremely useful for constantly working with many files. It is also possible to create and manage associations to transfer files of various formats from Windows to any application on Linux, and OpenInWSL also integrates with GWSL and wslg (the developer recommends GWSL).

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Now, the user can use OpenInWSL to replace, for example, the standard Notepad text editor with gedit – the application will automatically start when editing text files via WSL. There is no need to launch the WSL wrapper itself to open this file, which, of course, will speed up the work for a certain audience of users. In addition, this application virtually blurs the line between Windows and Linux, allowing you to leverage the strengths of both systems.

OpenInWSL app is already available to download from Microsoft Store, on the official website or in open format source code on GitHub.

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