The great success of the Clubhouse sparked a flurry of activity on social networks and services, which hastened to implement similar functions. So, voice chats appeared on Twitter VK and Facebook, and now it’s Spotify’s turn. The streaming service has introduced a new application on iOS and Android platforms called Greenroom, which is essentially a voice-based social network.

Greenroom is actually the same Locker Room, only in a new wrapper. In March of this year, Spotify unexpectedly acquired Betty Labs, the developer of the Locker Room app for chatting about sports, music and culture. The Greenroom service will primarily target music and its target audience, namely the 365 million users who will be able to log into the app using their Spotify credentials.

Of course, the new service needs active speakers, and on Spotify, the bulk of its users are passive listeners to music and podcasts. Fortunately, the company has a variety of creators who make content on the platform, so they can use them to promote Greenroom. Spotify has spent a ton of money to attract celebrities such as Joe Rogan and Bruce Springsteen, as well as former US President Barack Obama, to its service. They all have exclusive deals to create their own podcasts. Spotify is launching a dedicated fund for creators this summer to help them monetize their content.

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