Yesterday, June 10, the social network developer Facebook officially presented an update for their Messenger application, which has recently become noticeably lagging behind other popular messengers regarding feature sets. However, there is nothing fundamentally new in the update – it is, rather, a cosmetic update. For example, the developers added to Messenger the ability to choose one of three new themes – one dedicated to Olivia Rodrigo (American singer), the second is designed in the style of the movie “Fast and Furious 9” in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the franchise, and the third theme is dedicated to the “World Oceans Day.”

The developers called the second innovation the function of a quick response to media content – now active users of the Messenger application do not need to hide the video or story they are watching to respond to it. A new line has appeared at the bottom of the screen, clicking on which you can respond directly to the user’s private messages. And there was also an opportunity to hide the content with a swipe up to return to the chat for communication. This is not to say that the function is essential because after sending a quick response, the user still returns to the chat. The third item of the update is the QR code function.

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Now it will be much easier for users to send money or request it – for this, it is enough to use the proprietary Facebook Pay service and scan the same QR code or send a link to transfer to a friend. The company noted that it is possible to send and request funds even if the user is not registered with Facebook, which, in theory, can be a convenient tool. But, unfortunately, at the time of the release of the update, this function is available exclusively in the United States, where it will be tested before launching in other regions.

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