Facebook Messenger shows “Error loading media” (Solved)

The symptom of this specific error that Facebook Messenger would show Error loading media is that the application could not load the photos or videos from your gallery. Therefore, it is impossible to send photos or videos through Facebook Messenger. Here are some solutions you can try to fix the problem.

Some users reported that the problem usually occurs on their Android OS smartphones specifically Samsung Galaxy s7 or other similar series, especially after a firmware update. Facebook Messenger Problem Loading Media Failure will cause the app not to load your images (such as GIFs), photos and videos when you select them from the gallery.

Fix: Facebook Messenger error loading media

Clear data and cache for media storage

In most cases, removing the application cache and data from the media storage system should solve the problem. Here we’ll explain to you how to do it.

  1. On your Android phone, open the app Setting .
  2. Go to Applications or Default apps .
  3. Tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the Applications menu.
  4. Please select Show system apps . Please note that this may vary from device to device. The purpose here is to allow the app list to show system apps.
  5. In the application list, find Media storage and touch it.
  6. Touch the button Delete data and then the button Clear cache .
  7. Reboot your device . Once your device is fully charged, reboot again.
  8. Open Facebook Messenger and try sending photos or videos again.
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When you press Delete data , it will usually show you a warning message that the app data will be deleted. Note that this will not delete your photos and videos . It just removes how the app remembers your media and where to find it to include it in the gallery for you. Your photos and videos still physically exist on your memory card. A simple reboot will allow your phone to sync the media back to your gallery again.

If you find that your gallery becomes empty after deleting data from Media Storage, don’t panic. Just restart your device again and your photos and videos should reload into the gallery app. If not, please leave your phone idle for a few minutes (to have the system resynchronize your media files) and check again later. Your photos and videos should appear in the gallery app right after.

After clearing the data and cache for the media storage system app, check if the Facebook Messenger error loading media is resolved

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Other Solutions – Facebook Messenger Error Loading Media

If the above method does not work to fix the problem, try also clearing the data and cache of the Facebook Messenger application. Follow the instructions described above until you see the list of applications. Look for the Facebook Messenger application. Touch it and then touch the buttons Delete data and Clear cache .

Alternatively, you can also try reinstalling the Facebook Messenger app, preferably reinstalling the Facebook app as well as they are interrelated. Restart your device after reinstallation and see if it resolves Facebook Messenger error loading media error.

The error could be due to a network error on your Android device. You may want to try resetting your network settings. It can usually be found in Settings> Backup and reset> Reset network settings. This will reset all your WiFi and Internet connection settings. You will have to reconnect to your WiFi and another network again after rebooting.

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If nothing works, it may be a compatibility error between your device, the Android firmware, and the Facebook messaging app. The only option left is to wait for the next Facebook Messenger app update or an Android firmware update which will hopefully have the bug fix for the Facebook Messenger Error loading media issue.

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