Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a prime example of the fact that you don’t have to invest millions of dollars in development and create an AAA project to become popular. An indie game with vivid characters, interesting gameplay, and no need to donate collects hundreds of thousands of gamers, and with the release of the next update with an index of 4.5 (aka “Dave”), the online rate will grow. The fact is that the developers still listened to the fans by implementing cross-play between PC and PS4 – today, May 13, this function will appear in the game immediately after the update is released. Now fans from different platforms will be allowed to play with each other.

Unfortunately, the developers have not announced anything about the launch of the project on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S – the release is still due in the summer of 2021 without specifying the date. On the other hand, the developers clearly did not sit idly by – in the update, which should be released all over the world today, they promise a lot of reworked mechanics and fixes for bugs that prevented fans from completing tasks. Moreover, a function for reporting potential cheaters will appear, which, in theory, should correct the situation with dishonest players. However, the project authors noted that they would not be banned for using bugs – only for using third-party software that provides advantages.

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Also, creating custom lobbies will appear for absolutely all gamers, and there will be much more interesting levels and challenges. Improvements aimed at improving the gameplay, too, a wagon and a small cart – the developers said that they listened to messages from fans to improve the gaming experience. Probably, all this is aimed at increasing online – the game is gradually losing its audience, and cross-play and new levels can bring fans back.

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