FFXIV cannot download patch files

FFXIV The error of unable to download patch files It is an irritating situation that does not allow your system to download games or updates. This is a very annoying problem that no user will want to face.

The problem can be easily fixed, but Square Enix does not provide a solution. However, this article will help you to fix the problem of not being able to download patch files in Final Fantasy XIV launcher.

The reasons for this problem may be due to technical errors that could prevent it from playing. Another reason could be an error in your system’s firewall settings. Here the firewall settings do not allow your system to download patch files.

The FFXIV error cannot download patch files can also be caused by port or router related issues. If you are irritated with this problem then you don’t need to worry as this article will teach you some methods to fix the above problem i.e Cannot download patch files in Final Fantasy XIV launcher.

How To Fix FFXIV Cannot Download Patch Files

Here are some methods to get rid of the above annoying problem of not being able to download patch files.

Method 1: Virtual private network (VPN)

Sometimes due to geographic restrictions, your home network will not be able to download patch files. Therefore, you have to use VPN to change your IP address, which will help you to easily fix the problem.

An advantage of using this solution is that virtual private network (VPN) applications can be downloaded for free so you don’t have to incur a single penny to fix the above problem.

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The virtual private network will do an important job. First of all, it will alter your IP address to another country where there are no such restrictions on downloading patch files. Second, it will hide your IP address.

There are many VPN apps available that can be downloaded for free. These VPN apps not only help to download these patch files, but also help to get access to other blocked websites and videos.

Method 2: Turn off the firewall system

One of the reasons for the problem above, as explained above, may be a bug in the Firewall settings that needs to be fixed. Therefore, the FFXIV error cannot download patch files may be caused by firewall settings not allowing downloading of patch files.

This could be due to various security reasons. So in these cases, all you have to do is disable your firewall settings so that your system will allow downloading of patch files.

To disable the firewall settings, the following steps should be followed: –

Step 1 – Open the control panel.

Step 2: locate and click on the system and security link.

Step 3: select Windows Defender firewall

Step 4: Now on the left side you will find Activate or disable the Windows Defender firewall . Click on it.

Step 5: Now you will come across two settings, privacy network settings and public network settings. Check the box to disable Windows firewall in both privacy network settings and public network settings.

Step 6: Now click OK and the Windows Defender Firewall settings will be turned off.

Step 7: After that, reboot your system to make the changes.

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These steps will help you disable the Windows firewall settings. If the problem is caused by a bug in the firewall configuration, you will be able to download the patch files after shutting it down because it will no longer interrupt the download of the patch files.

Although this is one of the easiest methods to overcome your problem of not being able to download patch files in the FFXIV launcher, this method is not recommended for security reasons.

Method 3: Alter the domain name system (DNS) server

Sometimes a problem of not being able to download patch files in the FFXIV launcher is also caused by the DNS server. So in that case, you need to change or alter DNS server to fix the problem.

The most common is to change your DNS server to Google’s DNS server. This is a small technical method that must be applied correctly and carefully.

The following steps should be followed carefully when changing DNS server to Google DNS server.

Step 1 – Open the control panel

Step 2: locate the network and internet and make click on it

Step 3: Now click on the center of networks and shares .

Step 4: On the left side, you will see choose the adopter configuration. Click on it.

Step 5 – Now right click on the wireless network you are connected to and select its properties.

Step 6: You will now see various items that your connection uses. Browse by internet protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and click on it

Step 7 – Then click on its properties

Step 8: Now choose the option to select your preferred DNS server instead of selecting the DNS server automatically.

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Step 9: After that, enter the address of your preferred DNS server.

Step 10: Since we are using Google’s DNS server address, we will use the following public DNS server address for Google.

Google DNS server address: and 11: make click on To accept to save the changes.

Step 12: Now run the command prompt and as soon as it opens, type ipconfig / flushdns and press Enter to continue.

Step 13 – After that, write ipconfig / enter and hit enter. In the end, write ipconfig / renew and press Enter and exit the command prompt.

Step 14: Reboot your system to make the changes to alter your DNS server address.

This is another method to solve the problem of not being able to download the patch file in the FFXIV launcher. However, this method is technical and very extensive and may require expert advice at times.


If you are irritated and upset that you can’t download patch files in Final Fantasy XI launcher, this is the perfect article for you, as it explains three main methods of downloading patch files.

FFXIV The error of inability to download patch files can also be fixed by other methods such as downloading via different ISP (Internet Service Provider), restarting the launcher, etc. However, these methods are less effective.

If you are facing the problem, you can implement any of the above methods to fix it and get out of your problem of not being able to download patch files. Hopefully this article helps you achieve your goal.

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