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FIAT will also abandon internal combustion engines and switch to electricity by 2030

Another automotive brand has announced plans to phase out combustion-powered vehicles by the end of this decade. We are talking about the Italian company FIAT.

As part of an online presentation last weekend, FIAT CEO Olivier Francois announced the company’s gradual transition to electricity. It will begin in 2025, and by 2030, the entire FIAT lineup will be entirely electric vehicles. And for FIAT, according to its head, this will be a radical change.

“I can say that there is no doubt that we are going in the direction of electricity. Our duty is to bring to the market electric vehicles as soon as possible, the cost of which will not exceed the cost of cars with internal combustion engines. This is our greatest project, ”said Olivier François.

But the head of the auto brand did not disclose all FIAT’s plans for electric vehicles fully. The Italian automaker now has the FIAT 500e series, including electric three- and five-door hatchbacks and a convertible. In the European market, they are offered electric motors with 95 and 118 horses and batteries for 23.8 and 42 kWh.

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