Resolution, brightness, and diagonal – what to look for

Before buying anything, I decided to go online and study which projector characteristics are essential and safely put into the background. It turned out that nothing is surprising in this direction – you should definitely look at the resolution, brightness, and maximum diagonal. Actually, it is in these parameters that BenQ TK850i defeated its opponents. This projector supports 4K resolution (3840 × 2160), so the picture is obvious, while it is possible to output the projection on a huge diagonal, and the brightness is 3000 ANSI lumens.

That is, you can safely not close the windows with curtains and still get a fairly bright and juicy picture, and if you have the required distance from the projector to the wall, you can get an image, for example, with a diagonal of 120 inches. This is a huge diagonal, which brings (based on personal experience) than even watching a match in a specialized institution. Moreover, it is worth clarifying that a special panel or screen is not needed to display a picture – it is enough to have a flat wall of the required size.

And when choosing the characteristics that were important to me, a pleasant bonus of the BenQ TK850i projector was discovered – this is an insanely compact gadget that can be hidden in a closet after watching a match or even taken to a friend’s house. This is convenient, for example, if you want to change your surroundings, watch a movie at your dacha, or go to watch the World Cup with a friend whose neighbors are not so sensitive to the screams of loyal football fans.

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