PvP.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working

Hope for?? You also met him error “the pvp.net kernel patch has stopped working »When playing the LoL game – League of Legends . This bug could have sparked a short-tempered feeling while playing the game, and suddenly the game stopped. I felt that too and faced the same error over and over every time I tried to play or open the application / software.

And then at one point I felt like it was time to quit the game or resolve the bug now and being a crazy fan of the game, you would know what I must have chosen.

How to fix kernel pvp.net parcher has stopped working?

Tried these tricks one by one and finally resolved the error. I hope you want to solve that error too, right? Don’t worry, just follow these steps one after the other and your mistake could be solved, after which you can happily play again.

1. Become the administrator

Now in case you are using normal mode instead of administrator mode, some other applications might stop your application while doing some system checks. To solve it, simply open the application with administrator privileges which would allow the LoL application to bypass all system checks and could even solve the problem.

How open the application in Administrator mode ?

I would say that this step is the simplest of all the other steps mentioned. What you have to do is:

  1. On the desktop, right-click the icon by Legends of League .
  2. After clicking, a list of options will appear to choose the “Run as administrator” option.
  3. If the application runs after this step, that is, if the problem is solved, let’s fix this problem permanently. Again follow the step ‘ 1 ‘and this time click on the Properties option.
  4. A dialog box will appear with various options. Choose “Compatibility” now.
  5. After that, as marked in the picture, check the box with the option “Run this program as administrator”.
  6. Finally, to change the settings, click the “Apply” button as shown in the image above.
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So the game will start in the administrator mode every time you open it and now you can enjoy playing it again. But in case this step doesn’t work for you, don’t worry at all. I have a few more steps that will help resolve the error.

2. Try the Task Manager: help

For any application that we started and after which we encountered an error while opening or launching it or even while the application was running, an error occurred all of a sudden. But what happens is that for us the program has stopped but is still running in the background and we can monitor or control or terminate the tasks or processes running in that program using Task Manager.

Now to resolve the error: the kernel pvp.net parcher has stopped working , just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the LoL software and let’s wait until the error appears this time.
  2. As soon as the error appears, we are ready to solve it using the task manager.
  3. To open Task Manager, press the Windows logo key, then type » Task Manager «. Click on the option » View running processes with Task Manager «.
  4. In the new dialog that appeared, choose the tab Processes .
  5. In the tab Processes , let’s find and close all the processes related to League of Legends. I have made things easy for you, just choose these 3 options one by one ( LoLLauncher.exe , LoLPatcher.exe and LoLClient.exe) and then right click and press Finish homework .
  6. Now since the app has completely closed, let’s restart it to check for errors. But do not forget to open it in “Administrator mode”.
  7. And finally, the application would open without any hassle.
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3. Delete the corrupted patch file

The error may be due to the program’s patch files not working properly. They may be corrupt or they may have a configuration problem. So the only solution to the error if it was caused due to corrupted patch file is remove corrupt patch files . Don’t worry, the operation of the program will not be affected by removing the patch files because after running the program it will automatically download those patch files with the latest settings. So, let me guide you on » How to remove patch files for LoL «.

  1. Go to “File Explorer” and open the directory you have installed League of Legends On your computer.
  2. In that directory, click and open the folder » RADS «.
  3. In that folder, open the » project folder », After which go to the folder» lol_air_client »And finally go to» versions » . «
  4. In the folder ” releases «, Sort all folders / files by date and find the last folder created and then open it.
  5. In that folder, delete the files » S_OK ” and ” release manifest «
  6. The next part is to open the folder » Implement »And in that folder delete the files» Properties »,» META-INF «,» records ” and ” LoLClient.exe «, After which you are done with this step.
  7. Now, restart the computer and, as always, run the LoL program as an administrator.
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So your League of Legends app should work properly now and you can enjoy the game for as long as you like.

It worked?

» Pvp.net patcher kernel has stopped working Although the name is long and annoying. But the error is a simple throwing error faced by many of the players. by League of Legends . Now, we know that the error could be caused if it is not running in administrator mode or if it is due to some corrupted or misconfigured patch files of the program. Also, I have explained to you the methods to solve the error with various problem possibilities one by one. After following all the above steps, your program will work fine and smooth now without any errors.

In case you have any query or can’t find your solution here, you can comment below. Also, new suggestions for solutions to this error are accepted to help others resolve their errors.

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