FIX: ALT TAB not working on Windows 10, 8, 7

It allows us to address one more problem in Windows: ALT + TAB does not work . This feature makes Windows more mouse independent and also improves multitasking for the user, making it an awesome feature. This functionality comes from the factory in Windows and helps to switch between running programs (or applications) with great ease just through the keyboard.

If you can’t switch between apps, i.e. ALT-TAB doesn’t work as expected, it seems like a trivial problem, but this greatly disrupts the user experience. Don’t learn to live with this, we have provided simple solutions, just follow the guide and thank us later.

How to fix Alt Tab not working error

Sometimes the problem lies with the keyboard (hardware), so let’s make sure this is not the case. The best way to check is to connect another keyboard and check Alt-Tab. If there is no replacement keyboard available, you can check if the keyboard works accurately by visiting the Keyboard checker on line, it has a very easy to follow user interface, press all the keys if it turns green and the keys respond.

In case the keyboard is unresponsive or does not work, don’t worry, follow the guide to fix keyboard not working by clicking here . If the keyboard is working properly, apart from the Alt-Tab problem then it must be a software problem, please go to the next section and follow it in the order mentioned for the solution of this problem.

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Restart Windows Explorer

Due to overheating or any other, the software problem may cause a malfunction in Windows, such as Alt-Tab not working. We can fix this by restarting the Windows computer or you could just restart Windows Explorer.

1. Open the ‘Task Manager’ by searching in the same task bar and click on the top result or press Ctrl + Alt + Esc.

2. The ‘task manager’ dialog will appear. Go to ‘Windows Explorer’ located in the ‘Process’ tab in the ‘Applications’ section. Right click on it and select » Restart «.

Check if Alt-Tab works or skip to next section if not.

Aero Peek

Some users have reported that Aero Peek / Peek has fixed their problem. In some cases, you must enable Aero Peek if it is disabled or disable it if it is enabled. Sounds crazy good! We don’t know, it seems to work for some reason. So, let’s see the steps:

1. Open ‘ Advanced system settings ‘either by looking for the same in the taskbar and click on the top result or right click on’ This PC ‘/’ My Computer ‘and click on properties and then click on’ Advanced system settings’.

2. A dialog box will appear, navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab and then click on ‘Settings’ located in the performance section.

3. In the ‘Visual Effects’ tab, find’ Aero Peek / Peek ‘and check if it is enabled or disabled. Uncheck it if it is checked or enable it if it is not checked. Please check again if it is working again or try the next method.

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Uninstall the keyboard driver

The keyboard driver might be responsible, so we need to reinstall the keyboard related drivers. The best way to do this in Windows is to remove or uninstall all keyboard drivers, Windows will reinstall all drivers the next time you restart the computer. Then let’s get started:

1. Open Device Manager. Find ‘Device Manager’ on the taskbar and click the first result or right click the start button and click device manager in the menu.

2. Locate the keyboards and expand them by clicking. A list of keyboard drivers will appear. Select any keyboard controller and click on it. A menu will appear, click Uninstall. Repeat the same for all other keyboard controllers. This will replace the drivers with the factory versions of the driver, after rebooting.

Now click on Action, then on “Scan for hardware changes”. After completing the scan, restart your Windows laptop and check if the “Alt + Tab” is responding.

Modify registry values

Last resort, this step is quite advanced and carries substantial risk, follow each step to the point. We are going to modify the registry values ​​for the Alt-Tab settings to fix this problem. This step would definitely solve the problem if none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, so let’s start with the utmost caution.

1. Press the ‘Windows + R’ key on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box. Then find » regedit »And click OK.

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2. A new log directory window will open. Don’t be overwhelmed by the long list of folders, the task becomes quite simple when you know what you are looking for. On the left side, locate the Computer and then click on it to expand it. A huge number of files will appear, click HKEY_CURRENT_USER to expand it.

3. Now, follow these folder strings in order: First, locate and click to expand the Software, later Microsoft and later Windows . Click to expand on CurrentVersion and finally in Explorer .

4. Now, look on the right side and locate AltTabSettings and double click on it. A pop-up window will open, set the data of the value in 1 and click OK. Close the registry and surely Alt-Tab should already be working.


In addition to modifying registry values, all other methods are pretty basic and should have solved the Alt-Tab not working, follow this guide in the order listed. Other methods to fix this problem involve tampering with the BIOS, which is too risky to mention here. Also, keep all drivers and Windows up-to-date, to prevent your computer from being fun again.

If you have diagnosed that the problem is with the keyboard or none of the mentioned methods solved your problem, visit a professional. As we are always happy to help, please bookmark us for more Windows related stuff!

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