Fix BOOTMGR is missing error in Windows 10, 8, 7

Windows has a variety of features and with all of these features comes a variety of bugs. The error mainly occurs due to missing file or corrupted file or virus in the system. The most famous errors or the most famous screens due to those errors in Windows are black screen and blue screen. Yes, whenever something wrong happens on your Windows PC, you might see a black screen or a blue screen. Now these screens may seem disturbing, but they are easy to fix and cannot damage the computer too much. Of many mistakes, one is the mistake » BOOTMGR not found », which occurs when there is some kind of Windows boot related problem like bootmgr file is corrupted or your antivirus won’t allow system to open bootmgr file or other reasons. All the reasons for the cause of the «bootmgr missing «press ctrl + alt + del to restart the error with their respective solutions, will be discussed in the next article.

How to fix BOOTMGR is missing error

The error can occur in any version of Windows operating system starting from Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and the solutions are mostly similar for all of them. You can check the below mentioned solution list one by one and check which solution helps you to resolve the error missing bootmgr Windows 10 or any other version.

1. Reboot the system

Every time you see the error » bootmgr not found » , it also tells you to reboot the system by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together. There may be chances that Windows had some problem loading the BOOTMGR file, but after a reboot, it could be useful. Because after the restart all Windows files and functions are restarted and that restart could help resolve the error.

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Then just press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together and reboot your system.

But if that doesn’t solve the error, then you can try the methods below.

2. Check the priority setting of the boot option

Have you recently changed your device’s boot settings from hard drive to USB or CD? If that’s the case, you may need to change those settings back to the default. You can do it by following these steps:

  • Restart your PC and while it powers on, keep pressing the F2 button (start menu key) on your keyboard.
  • This would load the boot menu on your PC.
  • Make sure you are on the Boot tab and not any other.

  • Now from the list of boot priority options, choose the HDD and press the key Intro to select it.

  • Then, using the arrow keys on your keyboard, go to the tab Save and exit and press Save changes and Reset .

This would restart your PC with the hard drive that has Windows installed. As a result, it would help you to resolve the error missing BOOTMGR .

3. Perform Windows Startup Repair

Windows itself offers a tool that you can use to perform a startup repair and troubleshoot problems that may prevent Windows from starting. This method is very easy and can be used to solve the BOOTMGR missing problem.

  • Reboot your system and click F11 to enter the Advanced startup options.
  • Now choose the option Solve problems .
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  • In the new frame, select Advanced Options.


  • Now choose Startup repair .

This would carry out the startup repair and also resolve the bootmgr missing error . In case your error is still not resolved, you may want to continue to try the next step.

4. Rebuild the BCD or Fixboot

The BCD stands for Boot Configuration Data that controls Windows boot functions. Now to rebuild the BCD, a tool from the Windows recovery environment is used, that is, the bootrec. Also, if rebuilding the BCD doesn’t help, the bootrec also supports the bootboot function, that is, solving all boot-related problems. The two methods can be done using the following steps:

  • Go to Advanced startup options with the F11 key.
  • Select option Solve problems .

  • Go to Advanced Options now.

  • Please select Symbol of the system of the list.

  • At the command prompt, enter the following command.

bootrec /rebuildbcd

This will rebuild the BCD functions and after reboot the system error lack of BOOTMGR is will solve. But if that doesn’t help, you can go through all the above steps again and this time at the command prompt enter the command,

bootrec /fixboot

This would fix all the boot issues on your system and as a result the error » BOOTMGR not found » .

5. Perform a system restore

Like System Repair, Windows also offers a feature called System Restore that restores Windows with all functions and files or properties before the problem of bootmgr not found . So with this step you can resolve the error and recover your Windows in the same way as before you received the error. Also, the step should be familiar to you:

  • Go to Advanced startup options pressing F11 continuously while rebooting.
  • Then I solved the problem .
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  • Now select the Advanced Options .

  • Finally, select the option Restore system .

This would take some time, but it would restore the Windows state to normal and your BOOTMGR error is missing would disappear.

6. Replace the hard drive

There are cases where the hard drive gets corrupted and thus the system cannot read some files and it may lead to some kind of error. There may be chances that the system will get the error “Bootmgr is missing” due to a damaged hard drive. This can only be verified by removing the hard drive and replacing it with another drive that is installed with Windows or has a Windows configuration.

Try to check your hard drive and see that the other system loads with the other hard drive without any error. If that’s the case, it’s time you gave the system a new hard drive.

It worked?

Windows users are aware of many varieties of errors and among them the blue screen and black screen are the most irritating. Unlike most, the BOOTMGR missing black screen error is quite easy to resolve if you don’t have any viruses installed on your system.

The problem has many reasons to occur which are discussed above with their respective solutions. However, if you have any issues while following the steps, you can comment below and contact us. We will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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