Fix: DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL Error in Windows 10

WindowsFish You have covered all kinds of Windows related errors, but this article is the most unfortunate error that could happen to your system. Don’t panic! Just follow me, you would be fine as always. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error is the most frustrating and terrifying error to deal with. The Expool corrupted driver error falls under the category of BSoD errors. This article will cover all the possible solutions that could fix this error.

The Expool error in Windows can be caused by multiple culprits, so you should try all the mentioned solutions in order. Don’t take this error lightly as it suggests that something serious went wrong with your Windows.

Causes of this error

The reasons for the DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL error are usually related to outdated or incorrect drivers which can also lead to registry errors on your device.

Other reasons for this chaos caused by third-party software and antivirus software, conflict with new hardware and when your Windows laptop wakes up from hibernation or sleep mode.

This error causes Windows performance to slow down accompanied by system freezing, abrupt shutdown, displaying random error messages, and sometimes the computer may not start.

How to fix driver corrupted expool error

In the next few sections, we provide all possible solutions in simple steps so you don’t have to visit a professional.

Must have a Connection to Internet stable to follow this tutorial as you may need to update things. If possible, back up your important files before proceeding in case something goes wrong. In a very rare situation, if none of the solutions mentioned below works for your computer, feel free to visit the service center.

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1. Identify the driver

If an outdated or incompatible driver is responsible for this error, please follow the steps below to eliminate this error. In most cases, uninstalling the responsible driver fixes the Expool error in Windows. Sometimes new hardware conflicts with the available driver can cause a DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL error.

1. Go to ‘Device Manager’. Right-click on the start icon, then select ‘device manager’ from the menu or Search for ‘device manager’ on the taskbar.

2. Click on all device names to see their corresponding drivers. Check the controller you have a yellow alert box that precedes its name.

3. Remove all faulty drivers (yellow alert box) by clicking on the driver and then selecting Uninstall. Please scan the list extensively to make sure the faulty drivers are installed on your laptop.

Four. Click on ‘Action’ located in the menu bar and then select ‘Scan for hardware changes’. Manually restart your Windows computer to apply the changes.

In earlier versions of Windows, you must apply this fix in safe mode.

2. Update Windows and drivers

We cannot stress this point enough, you should always keep your windows and drivers up to date. If the Windows update did not install correctly, downgrade to the previous version. [Requiere Internet]

For update windows , go to ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Update & Security’. Click ‘Check for Updates’ and install the updates.

To update the drivers, go to “Device Manager”. Select a driver, click ‘Update’ in the menu and then click ‘automatically download driver’. Repeat this process for each controller. This process can be cumbersome, so you can use a trusted third-party application, which scans your drivers for outdated ones.

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Always download the drivers from the official website as it will ensure the compatibility of a driver with your device.

3. Run SFC

SFC or System File Checker is a tool provided by Windows that should help you scan and restore corrupted system files that may cause the driver to corrupt the expool error.

1. For this, you need to open ‘Command Prompt’ in Administrator mode.

2. Then type “sfc / scannow” and press Enter. It would take some time to complete the scan.

This should resolve all the corrupt files on your system.

4. Third party software

Basically some corrupted third party program can cause BSoD by conflicting with drivers. Some users have reported that the antivirus software (not Windows Defender) was responsible for this error. Uninstall Windows third-party antivirus and check if your problem is solved or not.

If you suspect that a third-party app may be responsible for the Expool error, try uninstalling it. After uninstalling, you need to restart your Windows PC.

5. Update BIOS

Will need access to Internet to download the BIOS .exe from the Internet and also a power supply uninterrupted (also keep your laptop battery charged). This is the riskiest step in this article, so use the utmost caution! Never trust a third party application or website to download the BIOS.

1. Go to the manufacturer’s official website or just search for update drivers + manufacturer’s name. Make sure you are on the official website.

2. Enter your machine details (serial number may vary from device to device) and then run a scan from the website to check for updates. It will display a list of outdated drivers, as well as BIOS (if available). Download the BIOS .exe file.

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3. Locate the BIOS .exe file on your computer. Make sure your computer is plugged in (charging). Double click the .exe to install the BIOS update. Now, follow the instructions given in the installation wizard. Your Windows computer will restart.

6. Reset Windows 10

This method should be used as a last resort. It will be erased for drive C as it is identical to ‘clean install’, please backup your important files and apps. You must have “Windows 10 Installation Media” to continue.

1. Restart your computer several times to enter “Automatic Repair”.

2. Click on “Troubleshoot” and then select “Reset this PC.”

3. Then click on “Delete all”. You may need to insert Windows 10 installation media.

Four. Finally, select “Delete my files” and then click on Reset.

This should resolve the EXPOOL CORRUPT DRIVER error in Windows. Update your PC immediately after this step.


The DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL error will be resolved by the fixes mentioned above. If your problem is still not resolved, it must be a hardware problem, you should visit a computer professional for a solution. The last two methods are quite advanced, you can skip them if you are in doubt.

After the Expool error is resolved from your Windows PC, it will behave normally as before. Always keep your device updated to the latest version. Do not forget mark us What favorites for more amazing content on Windows.

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