Fix missing NVIDIA control panel [9 methods]

After a hard day, you decide to open FIFA. But voila! Your display preference has magically been reset and you can’t seem to find any mention of the Nvidia Control Panel! Yes, the missing Nvidia control panel it’s a common problem and not only frustrating, but it also immediately raises a red flag. There is probably no bug with your system, but you still face it.

In this article, find out ways to get back your lost Nvidia Control Panel!

Note: Follow the methods in the order we mentioned.

What is the NVIDIA Control Panel application?

The Nvidia Control Panel is a small application that comes bundled with your display driver. All devices running an Nvidia display card have this app. It allows you to adjust your controller settings and optimize hardware for maximum performance.

This can be downloaded from here .

Nvidia control panel app is missing

Before I share the methods to recover the missing NIVIDA Control Panel, let me share the sources of the error.

Source of problem

Users reported that they could not find the Nvidia Control Panel or that the panel disappeared completely from the system tray or Control Panel. Usually this fact was noticed after a Windows update or a long time of inactivity (often referred to as sleep mode).

This can also be due to outdated drivers or corrupt registry issues. There are always easy solutions available that will ensure that you have a slightly less stressful gaming experience.

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Common problems

The most common problems associated with the missing Nvidia control panel is the magic icon that is stationary on your tray.

Or, the Control panel would not work completely, and all efforts to find the application are unsuccessful. This could be your registration problem.

Methods to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Error

These are the best ways to help you get back your missing NVIDIA application.

Restart your computer

One of the most proven methods To fix Nvidia Control panel Missing problem is to restart your computer after a period of inactivity.

This usually solves the problem on its own, as the reboot reboots the controller.

Show dashboard

This is most often found in a system update. Windows updates are notorious for changing configuration files. Since Windows has the authority to override almost all system settings, an update can potentially reset your system to not recognize the dedicated onboard graphics. In response, this could change your graphics settings.

    1. Open the Run dialog box from your windows using Windows logo key + R shortcut.

Scribe control in the run dialog and hit enter.

  1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel . (If you can’t find it, use the search function)
  2. Under the tab Desk on the menu bar, click Add desktop context menu
  3. Go to your desktop and check if the Control Panel is back.

Uninstall and reinstall the Nvidia graphics driver

Nvidia Control Panel A lost error may occur due to a corrupt installation. So you can try a fresh installation of the NVIDIA driver. Here’s how you can do this;

    1. Go to your control Panel as stated above.
    2. Programs open and characteristics .
    3. I searched Nvidia GeForce Experience or Nvidia Graphics Driver .
    4. Click on it to start the process of uninstall .
    5. Go to the Nvidia driver download page

Select the suitable display driver for your display adapter.

    1. Install the downloaded driver.

Update Graphics Driver to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing in Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

The initial problem is almost always due to a outdated graphics driver .

Nvidia and Windows work regularly to bring updates, and a quick visit to their website will give you the latest on drivers and their other packages. Keeping an up-to-date system ensures optimization. With games and graphics software redesigned every day to take full advantage of the hardware’s power, an outdated driver could make the display card unreadable.

Updates are usually easy to use and can be done by anyone. However, you can also use the driver update software to get the latest updates.

Modify registry values

This problem has often been associated with corrupt or incorrect registry values.

It may be difficult for you. However, if you run this successfully, this should solve the problem.

      1. Open a text editor and copy and paste the following lines.Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


        [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE NVIDIA Corporation NvTray 0_nvupdt.dll]

        “FullPath” = “C: Program Files NVIDIA Corporation Update Core NvGFTrayPlugin.dll”

      2. Save the file with an extension .reg
      3. Run the file
      4. Reboot your pc.

GPU virtualization

This can be seen frequently in laptop users. If your motherboard has an integrated GPU, an Nvidia control panel missing error may occur due to logic interference. Integrated Intel graphics are native. It often tries to be enabled by default. This could be the result of your graphics intensive program trying to default the integrated graphics. This overrides the Nvidia Control Panel.

Try these steps:

      1. Download and install Lucid Virtu MVP from here.
      2. Open Control Panel VirtuMVP from your desk
      3. In the tab Principal on the control panel, find the GPU virtualization and disable it.

This should fix the missing error in the Nvidia control panel.


This guide should clear up your mistake. However, if you keep getting this error repeatedly, try contacting your hardware support representative. The problem could be a corrupted display driver. This, in turn, is not recognized by Nvidia.

If you are a casual gamer or a professional graphic artist, losing a screen control panel is a bummer. This problem is further exacerbated by Windows 10 often not notifying of updates. Windows designed this to provide a smooth customer experience, however it often creates problems.

We hope this guide has helped you understand the root of this problem and fix it. Please consider leaving a comment below if your issue was not resolved.

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